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May 25, 2010

Mount Rinjani National Park

In the lava mountains (2.800mdpl) died as a result there are craters on the volcano Rinjani (estimated to occur in the Pleistocene era <1,8 million years ago, BTNGR) form a very large lake (1.100hA) with beautiful scenery. The lake is called Lake Segara Anak, from approximately Sasak language means Little Sea. Simply describing the area of the lake. Lake water depth is estimated around 160m - 230m. Lake water temperature varied from the other side to the other side. The water there is a very strong sulfur smell so much like Moffett very dangerous, but those that smell like mountain spring water. In the middle of the lake Segara Anak emerged a new mountain called Mount New Finger.  The new mountain is believed to grow high in every year. Rainfall - average in this area is where the height of 2.000ml/tahun with 550mdpl - 3.726mdpl.

Mount Rinjani keep some mystery. One of the biggest mysteries is the Goddess of Anjani. Dewi Anjani is supposedly a direct descendant of King Selaparang results from the King's marriage with delicate creatures who live in Mount Rinjani, when he begged the rain to the region because of the long drought that hit Selaparang kingdom at that time. That's why until now Sasak ethnic community and the Hindu Dharma on the island of Lombok  often perform the ritual Mulang Pekelem, a ritual that is begging to Dewi Anjani rain with offerings of gold plates that form all kinds of beings sunk to water by way of Segara Anak lake.

Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) frequently visited by local and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty. Although to reach to the location, it takes a long time .... because walking to reach the lake Segara Anak, could not be reached by motor vehicle.They can even stay till a few days there with the use of tents and sleeping beds also to expel the cold.

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