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August 30, 2010

Heterochromia Iridium

Heterochromia Iridium is relatively rare for humans including, but includes common in some animals such as horses, cats, and some species of dogs.
Heterochromia Iridium allegedly as a result of a change in one of several genes that regulate eye color.

Heterochromia Iridium can also be a descendant, although trauma and certain types of medications can also lead to increased or decreased pigmentation in one iris. Some types of medical syndromes, such as Waardenburg syndrome, also can cause a person to have two different eye colors.

Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, contained in part of the eye called "IRIS".
Blue eyes are caused by the small amount of melanin, while brown eyes showed iris with a lot of melanin content.

People with hair and skin color is darker, has more melanin, so they have brown eyes, while people with hair and skin color is paler, has a smaller amount of melanin that usually have a lighter eye color.
When an individual has a different amount of melanin in each iris of it in their eyes, then their eyes will have a different color. This is called Heterochromia Iridium.

Examples of Heterochromia Iridium in humans and animals:

The first Multimedia Library at Airport

Starting in the early summer months of July 2010, a transit passenger aircraft or spare time at the International Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will not experience boredom. Section, can kill time waiting to take advantage of special room with a multimedia library to read or hear the supplied collection. The facility is the first time in the world at Schiphol International Airport is a multimedia library that is permanent.

The initiative came from the organization's established library ProBiblio and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Knowledge of Dutch. Chairman Dick van Tol project from ProBiblio, said many things can be found at the library this airport.
"This will be a multimedia library, with various aspects of Dutch culture. So, not only literature that can be found here, there are also movies and music," explained Dick van Tol, as quoted in Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW),

Because the library will be a place to spend time or waiting for the next flight, visitors are not allowed to bring books, DVDs or other collections outside the library. To satisfy the visitors, a special room available for download at the library. With the existing facilities there, could watch a movie or download it directly to the phone. "So you can watch a movie on the plane or at home," said Dick van Tol. 

Anti-freeze proteins

Temperatures in the Arctic really extreme, with an average of minus 1.8 ° C. Supposedly, this low temperature enough to freeze any fish: the freezing point of fish blood is about minus 0.9 ° C.
But in the Arctic Ocean, under the ice shelf, the fish moves with chirpy. This is what attracted many scientists to investigate.

Since about 50 years ago, experts have discovered, found in fish blood proteins frost protection. Anti-freeze protein was working perfectly, far more perfect than the anti-freeze machines operated on the West steps of the houses when winter comes.
But how this protein works, no one can give an explanation.

This is what encourages local researchers, along with a team from the United States, led by a local scientist Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith to conduct in-depth research. Result, their publication in the prestigious American journal of chemical, the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).

The researchers used a special technique, terahertz spectroscopy, to reveal the underlying mechanism. With the help of terahertz radiation, the collective motion of water molecules and proteins can be recorded. Thus, the working group has been able to demonstrate that water molecules, which usually make a permanent dance in liquid water, and constantly entering new bonds, would be more regular with the presence of this protein.

Is typical of the Arctic fish, Dissostichus mawsoni, a type of toothed fish, which became the main object of research. Arthur L. DeVries, one of the researchers, said, the protein in fish is able to prevent the crystallization of ice, even more intense at low temperatures than at room temperature. "Antifreeze activity is not achieved with single-molecule binding between proteins and water, but with the presence of this protein, the function of" dissolution "will get more leverage," he said.   

August 27, 2010

Mars astronauts - Shrinking Old

Humans dream of exploring outer space beyond the Moon. In fact, the President of the United States, Barack Obama had a target, the mid 2030's, we can send astronauts into orbit Mars.

Obama does not just dream up in orbit, he hopes to send the first man who will set foot on Mars.
However, some scientists recently warned that sending people to the Red Planet could be dangerous. Because of space travel in a long time the astronauts would be physically exhausting. From various studies the scientists found that the astronauts would lose half of their muscle strength in the mission to mars it.

For example, if astronauts to Mars aged between 30 to 50 years, when returned to Earth, their muscle strength equivalent to grandparents age 80 years. If it is so, the risk of a trip to mars, increasingly large.
The research team led by Robert Fitts, professor of biology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, took tissue samples from calves nine U.S. and Russian astronauts who spent six months on the International Space Station.

Biopsies taken 45 days before the launch, and before returning to Earth showed atrophy of the cells in zero gravity areas.
Professor Fitts asserts that the mass loss of fibers in the cells, as well as its strength, can be translated by more than 40 percent decline in physical work capacity.

United States Space Agency (NASA) to design a trip to Mars using current rocket technology, it took three years - including a year's stay on Mars.
If so, the decline in the muscles most affected such as the calf could approach 50 percent. On their return to Earth gravity, they will be very weak, unable even to evacuate themselves during an emergency.

This report has been published online in The Journal of Physiology - hard copies will be published next month.
Loss of muscle strength has been investigated previously in medical science outer space - but this is the first analysis of the related missions in the long term.

However, Fitts said the results of these tests should not prevent human beings from outer space exploration. Because, he continued, "Without exploration, we will be stagnant and failed to improve our understanding of the universe."

These findings demonstrate the importance of fitness for astronaut training - both on Earth and when they travel.
Besides the decline in physical fitness, the astronauts are also at risk of suffering from cancer as a result of DNA damage from cosmic radiation, the loss of bone density, and mental stress due to isolation.

"Red" Waterfall

A photographer to capture a moment of rare events, a waterfall and a clear river suddenly turns red as tomato soup.

Rochelle Coffey attention to changes in water color from clear to red in just over two hours.Mother of two children were visiting the waterfall Cameron, in Alberta, Canada with her husband. She has always taken a picture of the river for six years.

But in this latest trip, though she did not believe that she can see, the color of the river turns red, brownish.
The phenomenon is caused due to high rainfall so eroded sediment is red-called argolite and brought it from the rocks into the water.
Waterton Lake, a place where there are waterfalls, has the oldest sedimentary rocks on the rocks Canada, aged 1500 years ago.

Humans who were aged up to 256 years

A resident in the province of China rather szechwan named Li Ching-yun is the oldest living human ever recorded in history (TIME Magazine).

According to news broadcast by Time magazine, Li Ching-yun died at the age of 256 years. When asked what the secret of longevity, then Li Ching-yun has a few recipes, namely :

- Prioritize Consuming herbs (vegetables)
- Drink Sake to taste
- Allow the heart to remain calm
- Sit back like a turtle
- Walk Like swift pigeon, and
- Sleep like a dog

Li Ching-yun during the lifetime has 23 wives, with the number of children 60 people. Ching-yun died after having children at the 12th generation...incredible !!     

The Incredible 3D Television

Imagine, when you watching television the three-dimensional (3D), the real sensation is felt not only in terms of visual course. You also could feel the sensation of touch, so what is seen was actually real.
Hallucinating? Of course not. It will probably be done with the latest 3D TV technology that was developed a team of researchers in Japan. Yes, they are working on the first 3D TV system in the world which allows users to touch, pinch or a peck on the displayed image. Wow...Fantastic !!

"This is the first time you can touch the pictures in a 3D impression," said one team member Norio Nakamura researchers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
"This 3D TV will make you can feel the sensation of touch is like hitting a rubber ball or stretch the elastic objects in 3D images," he added.

He mentioned, these technologies change the shape of a 3D image in response to touch, aided by a camera that monitors how the user's fingers move.
If already completed, this technology will reportedly be used for various purposes such as surgical simulation tools, video game and software tools for the visually impaired.

August 26, 2010

Dry Water

Water is always associated with damp. Despite looking very contradictory, the scientists succeeded in creating a 'dry water'.
Arts 'dry water' is like powdered sugar and it is hoped will be a 'big splash' commercial.
Each particle of water contains droplets of water surrounded by silica sand layer. In fact, 95 percent of the 'Dry water' is 'wet water'.

One of the advantages of this product is its ability to absorb the gas.
Scientists believe, Dry water can be used to fight global warming. How, by absorbing and trapping greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide (CO2).
Tests prove, dry water is three times better at absorbing CO2 than ordinary water.
Dry water could prove useful to expand the potential of storing methane and natural gas energy sources.

Dr Ben Carter of the University of Liverpool, presenting research findings in The Dry Water 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.
"There's nothing like this. We hope to see Dry water makes waves in the future," he said, such as pages loaded Belfast Telegraph, Thursday, August 26, 2010.

Other applications, demonstrated by the team by using dry water as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction between hydrogen and maleic acid.This produces succinic acid, the main raw material used to make drugs, foodstuffs, and consumer products.

Usually hydrogen and maleic acid should be stirred together to make succinic acid.
However, this process is not longer needed if using dry water. This makes the process more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient.

"If you can remove the mixing process, then chances are you making substantial energy savings," said Dr Carter.
This technology can also be adapted to create the "emulsion powder dry" - a mixture of two or more fluids that could not be assembled - like oil and water.
The researchers believe, dry emulsion can create more secure storage of hazardous liquids and easier.

Lobate Scarp

The radius of the Moon has been reduced up to 100 meters during the last 800 million years. Experts believe that the cracks are called "lobate scarp 'is created by the breakup of fragile skin of the month because of cooling the interior.
Similar cracks first seen in photos taken near the equator of the Moon by Apollo astronauts. Fourteen new lobate scarp has been identified by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, researchers report in the journal Science.

They are found mainly in the highlands. Experts believe that the crack was created by the outbreak of the fragile skin of the lunar month when the shrink - a process that seems geologically recent.
"One of the remarkable aspects of the scarp that (= slope) months is clearly still a new age," said Dr. Thomas Watters, from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

During the Apollo missions in the 70s, where the astronauts to detect several earthquakes, and Dr Watters believes, it is because of this newly discovered thing.
Lobate scarp has also been found on other planets in our solar system, including the Mercury, where they were much larger.


Never feel the pain

Normally, the human body will feel the pain when an injury or certain disorders. But it will never be felt by a girl who had the gene mutation since birth. This is experienced by Ashlyn, age 10-year-old girl in Florida.She was born with a congenital pain insensitivity disorders (congenital), that is a rare condition caused by genetic mutations and can not feel pain. Congenital insensitivity of pain is not curable and there is no treatment to cure him. There are only 45 to 50 cases ever reported.

Gene mutations experienced by Ashlyn shaped wrench, so she decreased the sensitivity of pain but she still may feel the warmth and touch someone. Ashlyn did not cry when she was born, while growing teeth, when hungry or when her diaper was wet. The only condition that makes her cry was broken ear drum when she was 3 years old. "Ear drum burst and she was bleeding from her ears, she felt the pressure for the first time," explained Tara Blocker, Ashlyn mother, as reported from Foxnews, Thursday (08/26/2010).

According to Tara, without having the ability to feel pain, Ashlyn often chewed her lower lip when she fell asleep. These conditions have never been made severely swollen. In addition, patients with other congenital pain insensitivity is also frequently injured, such as biting the tip of the tongue, eye damage or even burn themselves on hot surfaces such as stoves.

In her case, Ashlyn had suffered severe burns when her hand is inserted into the washing machine was on, when she was two years old. Although it did not bother her, but her mother (Tara) is very anxious and could only cry. Ashlyn toughest years was when she was a toddler. But although she often suffered bumps, bruises and burns, her parents do not understand why Ashlyn never cried.

Blocker family began to experience a long road after Ashlyn was diagnosed with congenital pain insensitivity by an expert on genetics in 2004. Tara never heard of it before and she and her husband happy, because they finally know the reason why Ashlyn never cried.

In 2004, Dr. Roland Staud, Ashlyn and her family invited to come to the University of Florida, in order to study and learn more about a rare condition on Ashlyn.
Team of researchers conducted a preliminary test, that is by taking blood Ashlyn and her family to obtain a DNA sample. Five years later in the year 2009, a team Florida University, determined that Ashlyn, has two SCN9A gene mutations, which shut down a molecule, involved in the direction of nerve impulses to the brain.

SCN9A gene is a gene that sends pain messages, and nerve impulses to the brain. Mutation of this gene can cut both functions, thus causing pain insensitivity. And when this gene becomes overactive, it can be caused hypersensitivity.

Finally, Dr. Staud and family, decided not to block the gene therapy Ashlyn, in order to avoid the potential for triggering gene becomes overactive. "I would never want to take risks, play with a gene that could eventually make Ashlyn feel the pain that is" very extreme, "explained Tara.

Among the many physical tests, psychological, genetic and neurological disorders that have been conducted on Staud Dr. Ashlyn, he found out that Ashlyn is sensitive to touch, temperature and vibration, but not sensitive to pain and odor. In the year 2009, Ashlyn broken ankle in a bike accident. It is known to parents after showing symptoms of swollen Ashlyn body two days later.   

Although injuries are not so great because she did not feel anything, Ashlyn's parents remain concerned and aware of the danger of infection. Finally, the family asked her to use a wheelchair, to avoid infection and reduce development pressures. 

August 25, 2010

Fire Tornadoes

Droughts and dry winds are loudly in Sao Paolo, Brazil, has caused a storm of fire tornado is rare in the northwestern city Aracatuba.
A three-month drought struck the region causing fires in Brazil, creating conditions for the occurrence of a tornado storm of fire.

Fire Tornadoes, colloquially also known as demons of fire, occurred when a fire was in a vertical rotating column of air. Some can reach a height of more than half a mile, with wind speeds of more than 100 mph. This event is a rare natural phenomenon that rarely occurs.

In 1923, events Kanto earthquake in Japan, triggering a firestorm that burned to produce a tornado struck the town and a giant fire that killed 38,000 people in 15 minutes in the area Hifukusho-Ato in Tokyo. 

August 24, 2010


This tree was supposedly located in Thailand, located in the Province Petchaboon over the mountains, and had to climb over 39 hours to reach the place where this tree grows. It's about 500 KM from Bangkok. The name of this tree is Narepool, which means Tree or Fruit Wanit. Naree means women and Pol mean tree.

This tree is said to get a lot of controversial. Many say it's just gibberish, but many were admitted, have seen this tree. There's also say that the Discovery Channel's TV stations in America ever discuss this tree and several universities in America are having a study about it.
Whatever the opinions of others, for those who want to prove it, go to Thailand to prove whether the tree actually exists.....

Luxury Yacht, Yacht Fly ..

The techno mania, want to move their yacht from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean blue sea immediately? It's not a problem if the mania techno yacht can turn into a plane just by pressing the button once. For this reason, designers Yelken Octuri flying yacht design, which was recently exhibited at the Paris Air and Space Museum.

Octuri, a French Airbus cabin design, combining his knowledge in aircraft design with his desire for the ocean to create this concept yacht. This flying yacht concept is basically a trimaran yacht which also has four engines. This yacht has four pillars that can be driven. Once the screen is inserted, this becomes the fourth pillar of wings.

Octuri design inspired by the Maltese Falcon, to create a niche in each pole to save a screen. This yacht has two main deck, including a lower deck with a galley and salon and upper deck with three cabins.

                                                                         Ship Mode:

                                                                   Length: 46.2 meters
                                                                      Width: 27 feet 
                                                                      Lanyard: 4 pole 
                                                                   Height: 50.7 meters 
                                                                  High beam: 40.6 feet 
                                               Screen Surface: 1302 m² (screen + surface mast) 

                                                                       Aircraft Mode: 

                                                               Wings Range: 90.4 meters 
                                                                    Height: 27.6 meters 
                                                               Engine: Nissen & Brasseur 
                                                               Engine power: 4 x 5400 ch 
                                                                 Max speed: 390 km / h 

During the 17-hour swim, Crossing the English Channel

Sue Oldham, 64, from Carine in Perth's north, completing the swim from Dover on Monday morning (Australian time). She first claimed the record in the year 2006 in the swim of 16 hours and three minutes. Speaking from the UK on Tuesday morning (Australian time) Mrs Oldham said liked to swim in the sea. "When you start something you have to finish it's not, there is no point out when it gets a little difficult," she told ABC Radio.

English Channel is considered the most difficult open water-swimming in the world, she said. "You do not know what you'll get because you have a currents and tides that can take you anywhere."
Mrs Oldham said she struggled for five to six hours to get the right strokes, and her throat began to cause discomfort along with a stuffy nose and sore right shoulder.

"But I will never stop, I will never surrender, never." Mrs Oldham's Perth coach Pauline Pratt and colleagues swimmers Perth Selwyn Jellie resilience in pushing her support boat.

She closed the oil and vaseline to swim and approved food and water with a pole because once the water she could not touch the boat or be touched by anyone until the end.
Mrs Oldham said that after the swim she thought, she would hang up and swim goggles and retire gracefully. But she said that after a glass of champagne to celebrate thought, she still could provide another channel go.

Mrs Oldham said she might swim 50km in 2006, she swam the distance but it still must work for her latest swim. A month before the year 2006 a solo swim, Mrs Oldham swimming as the only female member of a relay team that still holds the world record for oldest relay team, to make the channel crossing.

August 23, 2010

Kyle Johnson with Dr.Blake Welling

Incredibly, The Miracle of God .. Congratulations with such a severe injury. Doctors suspended the skull in a dangerous operation to save his life. A man in Utah, 90-95 percent chance of death after breaking his skull in more than 10 places, up to a neurosurgeon, removed both sides of the head and froze it.
Kyle Johnson's brain swelled uncontrollably after she fell from a longboard - essentially a surfboard on wheels - while traveling around 60km / h. Dr Blake Welling from McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah decided to perform high-risk operation.

 We chose to take Kyle Johnson for the operation, and open each side of his head, "said Dr. Welling FOXNews.com. This is called a bilateral decompressive craniectomy. This is something neurosurgical operation which is very difficult to do as a last-ditch effort to save him.

Most neurosurgeons perform decompressive craniectomy on one side of the head, where the trauma occurred. In this case, Kyle global brain injury, so we need to take both sides of the skull of his head, leaving only a small piece of bone right in the middle. "
Dr. Welling and his team open the skull of Mr. Kyle Johnson, who cracked and tried to rebuild it with micro screws and plates, and then put it into the freezer, to prevent bones from becoming brittle.

Mr. Johnson is given the drug induced, so cultivated in a coma for about three weeks, while doctors monitor the development of brain swelling. After the swelling go down, Dr. Welling put the flaps of bone back into place, and asked Mr. Johnson about a week longer to get up.
"I'm not sure what will we be left with," said Dr. Welling. "When people have been injured like this, I think he may have a significant defect in it shall speak and learn to walk again and his cognitive functions. But low and behold, he woke up and its lights gradually come back on. "

Dr. Welling said by all purposes, Mr Johnson should die. "He has a very high mortality rate," he said. "I told him that sometimes we are left with very poor outcomes, but in your case, you have a guardian angel, you have something to live for."
Although Mr. Johnson did not require actual physical therapy, he is currently undergoing cognitive therapy to help with memory loss and things like multi-tasking. "This is something I do not have the ability to do it now," he said.

 "If you put two colors of crayons in front of me, say blue and green, I really can not think of two crayons. I can only think of one by one and even that is a struggle. So, for therapy, we've been doing exercises the mind more if you will. "

Now, almost 10 weeks after the accident, Mr. Johnson is looking forward to the future, but he was not sure if he'll ever return to his longboard. It's a little scary kind of feeling - so I do not know whether I will return to Longboarding but snowboarding for sure, "he said.


Toy guns have to license.

Toy guns should be Licensed in Queensland under the laws of new firearms. EVERY ITEM that looks like a gun should be licensed under the Arms Act on some of the changes being considered by the Queensland Government.
Even the weapons are made of materials that can not be sepertii soap or plastic, may be stored under lock and key if the toy gun could "reasonably be taken to be a weapon." Draft action say, imitation is a copy of "reasonable" from a weapon that is not capable of causing death or injury.

"If it looks like a gun and feels like a gun, it should permit," said government sources. "We just want to know where they are." It is not clear, how the draft affected the toy rifle. Failure to license imitation weapons, will be subject to a maximum fine of $ 4500, based on one proposal and storage, subject to penalties amounting to $ 750.
The proposed changes would also impose restrictions on the ownership of a laser pointer, heavier penalties for selling things like a bow, bullet proof vests and knuckledusters without an appropriate license, and strict rules on the storage of firearms.

Under certain circumstances, religion will be a legitimate reason for carrying a knife and police who took the service-issue firearms in their homes will be exempted.
But gun owners groups have condemned the action as a complex and perverse. Christopher Ray of the Law Abiding firearms Owners, said the legal owner of the list was "governed from existence."

"We just want some weights, some tape and some documents were taken from our backs," said Ray. "Instead, they make more complicated for those who obey the law. If we make a small mistake we could lose (our weapons). License for five years. "

He said police also opposed LAFO given "free rein" to take their weapons home, and left them on their bedside table. Geoff Jones, president of Sporting Shooters Association, said the eradication of imitation weapons risked creating "law-abiding people into criminals."
Mr. Roberts said, the requirement for permanently disabled public monuments, like the weapons on display in the building must be registered or licensed RSL has been removed from the action concept.

August 22, 2010

Artificial Lives

Really powerful findings of this scientist. How not, no kidding, they succeeded in creating artificial life. Do they want to compete with God? Conducted a scientific breakthrough biologists of U.S. citizens. Craig Venter succeeded in creating 'artificial life' for the first time in his laboratory. The scientist is, denying that he was playing God with his work.

Creation of synthetic cell, described as a milestone in science by a British expert, it is a dream come true, from the study that lasted 15 years by a genetic engineering expert, Dr. Ventern.

He blew life into the body of the bacteria, the gene incorporated through the process in the laboratory, in a development concept, with the main objective to make the genetic material of organisms. These include, creating artificial organisms, which are designed for specific tasks, such as a vaccine or clean pollution.

But some experts see a potential danger in these findings. For example, synthetic life could be misused to create biological weapons.Speaking in the BBC2 Newsnight program in Washington, Venter has denied the allegations he has played God. "The allegations appear always appear every time a new breakthrough in medicine, or science related to biology. (Research) has a humanitarian goal to control nature. It's just like how we tame the beast, "he said.

"This is a level higher than our understanding. This is the stage where we can begin to understand how life works, and perhaps also how we can control the microbiological systems for the benefit of humanity, "he added.

 When asked, the new technique can be purchased by owners of large capital, Venter said, the technology not for sale. "We seek to develop this technology to advance the field of vaccine protection. We will use it to develop a basic understanding of cell life, "he explained.

Venter also denied, concerns a number of parties, that the technology will be used as bio-terrorism. "Most people agree that there is a growing potential, that the technology can be used for violence. But there is also convinced that, if this development is the potential to help human life, "he explained.    

Bomber aircraft without crew

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran launched its newest bombers. The aircraft named "Karar", was able to bombard the target with high speed and flying without a crew.
The aircraft is capable of carrying a lot of bombs with a high cruising range. AFP quoted Iran's state television offices, Sunday (08/22/2010), explaining the short-sized aircraft. Painted with military green color, with the inscription bombers, on the plane.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, explains, Karar was the work of Iran's defense industry.
Iran continues to build its military strength. The country previously tested land-to-ground missile attack, Qiam. In the near future, Iran has also developed a Fateh 110 missile, which could reach the target with a distance of 150 km to 200 km.

Iran also shows, has had two fast boats that can be used to carry missiles. Two ships were named Seraj and Zolfaqar. Iran's navy has also been strengthened by four pieces of tech stealth submarine.

August 20, 2010

A single mother with her 14 children

Currently, eight twins, will celebrate their first birthday. They may octuplets, but they are certainly not identical. For while seven out of eight babies with black hair and brown eyes, the other blond and blue eyes. Despite concerns about their health when they first born, but finally remained eighth baby looks healthy.

Nadya Suleman is the Mother of the lucky ones, because it has given birth to eight babies in one pregnancy, or commonly called octuplet. Previously Nadya was shocked by the birth to eight babies, because she already has six small children.So now she must take care to 14 children.....wow !

Nadya Suleman is a single mother because her husband had divorced, and Nadya did not have a job. To take care of her 14 children, she submitted a proposal to the station for a relity show her life story. Nadya believe will be paid 152 thousand euros for the first episode and 2 million euros to the contract ...

Can you all imagine how busy taking care of the child this much, and with the situation of children is a relatively small ....... fantastic!

Magnet Human...

A British woman has a mysterious power. Her body like a magnet that can draw objects and metallic iron.
Dubbed the 'Magnet Human', Brenda Allison (50) admitted often feel embarrassed by the effect that power. Imagine, coins, clips, magnets, spanners, even the metal cover can be attached to her body for 45 minutes without falling.

When a magnetic force in the peak position, Allison can even dance in the living center with metal objects still attached to her body.
The most disturbing, Allison said, her body can make the sound of car alarms, interfering with television signals, and broke the light bulb.

As a child, the story of Allison, her parents stopped to buy her a watch. Therefore, the strength of the magnetic body disrupt the mechanism of the clock. Hours was confirmed dead.
Every human being has a subtle electromagnetic field in the body, though most of us do not realize it.

Allison, began to realize the tremendous effect of the magnetic force within her, when she learned in kindergarten. She began to make a diary, and realized that the stronger the magnetic force when the final menstrual cycle.
"People laughed when I put metal objects in my body and did not fall," said Allison as the page loaded the Daily Mail, Friday, August 20, 2010.

However, sometimes her strength very difficulty. "I had a horrible experience while shopping at the supermarket. We stand in line approached the teller machine, the machine suddenly broke."
"Then, someone at the cashier yell and accuse me of using voodoo, black magic, to her."
Allison added, the doctor had said, that the unusual magnetic strength may be caused by high levels of stress. He was advised to relax.

August 19, 2010

Around the world for 20 years ..

Vladislav Ketov not the only person on earth that surrounds the world use bicycles, but not like other cyclists, he just finished for 20 years.

Ketov journey began in 1991, in Leningrad, and he continues to pedal his bicycle along the coast of the continent such as Africa, Europe, America, south Asia and Southeast Asia. He went alone, and only use other transportation, if he really had to. During 20 years full-pedaling around the world, his bike was stolen only once ... in Russia.
The main problem Vladislav Ketov have is, that he started this journey without money. Wherever he went, he obtained the money from painting portraits. Thus he was able to save enough to make him go over the years. When he started his biking trip, Ketov leaving his wife and two sons, in Sankt Petersburg.


About Rain

As we know, Indonesia is a tropical country, the general characteristics of the so called tropical, is having a lot of rainfall. In this thread we will discuss about the unique phenomenon of rain and the fact that may be overlooked by us.

1. Average rain fall velocity was 80-10 km / hr.
2. Water falls to earth with a low speed, because raindrops have a special form which enhance the effects of atmospheric friction, and help the rain come down to earth with the velocity is lower. Suppose a different form of raindrops, or suppose that the atmosphere does not have friction properties (imagine if rain occurs, such as large water bubbles that descend from the sky), the Earth would face destruction, each drop of rain.

3. The minimum altitude of rain clouds is 1,200 meters.
4. Effects caused by a drop of rain falling from a height, the same as the object weighing 1 kg falling from a height of 15 cm.
5. Rain clouds can be found at an altitude of 10 000 meters.
6. In one second, approximately 16 million tons of water evaporates from the earth.

7. This amount is equal to the amount of water that came down to earth in one second. Within one year, is expected this number will reach 505x1012 tons. Water continues to turn in a balanced cycle according to "measure".
8. Rain droplets change shape hundreds of times each second.

9. If rain water were frozen, will form a beautiful piece of crystal, not like ordinary water in the freeze in freezer / refrigerator.
10. After rain, soil, weeds, grass fragrance will issue an ax, this compound is called 'petrichor'.
11. And the last fact that most mysterious and surprising scientists......

Rain has the ability to hypnotize humans, to the resonance of past memories. And without being able to get the scientific evidence, scientists can only conclude that "In the rain, there was a song that could only be heard by those who miss".And at this point, scientists believed that humans usually get inspiration ..    

The first energy-producing city in the world ..

Sonnenschiff a town of Freiburg, Germany, has advantages not possessed by other cities. Sustainable city, can meet their own needs for energy, through solar power designs are brilliant and lots of photovoltaic panels are directed in the right direction. Sounds like a simple strategy - but the architects are often less prioritize the installation of solar power.

Designed by Rolf Disc, Sonnenschiff (Solar Ray Machine) and Solarsiedlung (Solar Ray Village), emphasize the production of energy from beginning to incorporate a series of solar power generator on the roof. The buildings there were also constructed in accordance Passivhaus standard, which allows the project to produce four times as much energy than necessary.

These houses, has a simple shed roof, which hung to allow sunlight in winter, and shade the building from the sun in the summer. The rooftop also has a rainwater recycling system which irrigates the gardens and the supplying of water to the toilet.

August 18, 2010

Horrible sports ...

Ear Pull Championship is an unusual sporting event and only played in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics. The aim was to test the ability of competitors to survive the pain. In pulling ears, two competitors sit facing each other, their feet sitting and interlinked. A wire rope, two feet long, similar to the thick dental floss, looped behind their ears, connecting the right ear to right ear, or left to the left.

The competitors then pull each other on the opposite ear, using their own ears, until the cord broke up or one player to stop, because of pain. The game has been removed from the North Pole several sports competitions, because it concerns the safety factor and the audience, the event can cause bleeding and sometimes requires stitches.

The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) is an annual event held over four days in July or August, which is designed to preserve cultural practices and traditional survival skills, essential to life on the circumpolar world. The WEIO, features games that are rooted in the ancestral hunting and survival techniques, used by Native Americans, as well as a competition dance and storytelling.


Giant Purse in New York...

If ever, in front of stores or buildings under construction, always covered with a sign saying 'coming soon or under construction', different from what happens in the Dior store! Luxury stores planned to be opened in early December, on East 57th Street, New York, instead using "Dior Purse" giant, as tall as 20 feet by 33 feet wide, as construction barricades!

No wonder, if the brand of Dior, the store has not been so alone, was very excited! Apparently, the building construction barricades are Shawmut Design and Contruction, which are able to make bags with a thickness of 10 feet, which is ultimately the same bag like the original! And instead of distancing people from the shops being built, this barricade just invite more people to come and see it .... fantastic!

Asteroid Apophis will Hit Earth in 2036

In Egyptian myth, Apophis was the spirit of evil that causes destruction, wanted to bring eternal darkness to the world.
A name that fits, according to astronomers, for the chaos that will hit the Earth from space. The experts are looking at 390-meter-sized asteroids found June 19, 2004, which has the potential to collide with the planet, and continue to remind the government to act.
NASA has estimated the possibility of this asteroid to hit Earth in the year 2036, would release more than 100,000 energy which detonated an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Of thousands of square kilometers would be directly destroyed, but the whole Earth will see the effects of the dust released into the atmosphere.

And, experts say, there is little time to make decisions. At a meeting for the Near-Earth Objects (NEO) in London, scientists say it may take several decades to design, test, and make the technology needed to change the direction of the asteroid. Monica Grady, an expert in meteorites at the Open University, said: "This is not a question of when, not if, an object crashed into Earth. Many smaller objects hit the Earth's atmosphere, and have no impact. However, a NEO larger than 1 km (width), will hit Earth every few thousand years, and NEO is more than 6 km would destroy Earth's life, every few million years. We're in a period for a "large".

Asteroid Apophis is one constant in the supervision of NASA, because it potentially hit Earth. Apophis, also known as 2004 MN4, until the end of 2004, remains a possible asteroid collision with the highest in the year 2029. But the beginning of the year 2005 showed a decrease possibilities of radar data. And in a few months later, the possibility of collisions in the year 2036 is also declining, and eventually reach the comparative figures 1:45000

A 13-year-old child, a junior high school, succeeded in correcting the Apophis asteroid collision calculations. Collisions which, according to NASA originally estimated that only 1:45000, a ride comparison, because Apophis is expected to hit one of the satellites that surround the Earth.

Nico Marquardt calculations show that at the date of October 13, 2008, during a meeting closest to the Earth, Apophis would likely have crashed into one of the 40 000 existing satellites and orbital trajectory changes. These changes will happen in 2029 again, as it approached the Earth, because again the possibility of Apophis hitting the Earth will experience. Consequently in the year 2036, during a meeting with Earth, Apophis will hit Earth likely to be 1:450, or one hundred times higher than NASA estimates.
Alan Fitzsimmons, an astronomer from Queen's University said: "If Apophis pass us on the date 13 April 2029, then in 2036 Apophis will hit us."

Officially, NASA's party issued a news release about the possibility of Apophis collision. Outstanding news also mentioned that Nico Marquardt and NASA had reached an agreement, even NASA has acknowledged that there is an error in their calculations.

From the office of the Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., stated that the NEO does not have to change the current estimate of the possibility of Apophis collision. Apophis will still have a low possibility of collision with Earth that is 1: 45 000 in year 2036. Even NASA's NEO program, especially from the states, the investigators they had not made any contact or correspondence with students.
In previous news, otherwise Nico Marquardt perform calculations on a possible collision between the asteroid Apophis with artificial satellites during close Encounter (nearest the meeting) with the Earth in the year 2029.

Unfortunately, in the year 2029 when the asteroid Apophis approaching Earth, the asteroid will not pass through the area near the main belt of geosynchronous satellites. In other words, the chance of collisions with artificial satellites, so far.
Therefore, consideration of a possible collision scenarios with fixed satellite will not affect the possibility of collisions that have been taken into account this time, namely one in 45,000.

NASA, in particular the NEO program, tasked to detect and track asteroids and comets passing near Earth. They will find and calculate the trace of the object's orbit, to determine whether the incident was harmful to the Earth or not.       

Growing up with a machine

No human being can survive if not breathing. And it's difficult for people with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS) or Ondine's curse, which would stop breathing every time asleep.
If not immediately helped the sufferer could experience death. As a result, to make to stay alive while sleeping, CCHS patients, must wear life support machine, so do not sleep forever.

It is estimated there are about 200-300 people around the world who has this disease. People suffering from CCHS has a very difficult time for taking in oxygen to make them look tired often and easily tired. If this happens during sleep and no medical help, it can cause death.
Quoted from Wrongdiagnosis, Wednesday (08/18/2010) CCHS symptoms can include breathing stops during sleep, neuroblastoma (tumors of the sympathetic ganglia), Hirschsprung's disease (partial agenesis of the enteric nervous system), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and the strangeness of pupils .

CCHS may be a congenital disease, or developed because of severe spinal trauma, such as damage to the brain stem, stroke or complications of neurosurgery. People with CCHS typically require tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation to survive.

Examples of CCHS patients is Liam Derbyshire, 12-year-old boy Gosport, United Kingdom to be connected with a machine all night to shore up his life to keep breathing while he slept.
When he was born only six days old was sentenced by a doctor, suffering from a rare disease CCHS. But up to age 12 years old boy can survive because the diligent use of life support machines while sleeping.

Family in Gosport, Hants, had to spend much money on electricity bills for lighting equipment life support machine, and also a kind of diesel engines for emergencies when the power goes out.
Now, Liam attended the Heathfield school in Fareham, Hants, and should still wearing breathing tube tracheostomy (hole in the front wall of the anterior trachea for breathing) in the throat.

"Every day, the doctor was amazed to see him grow up healthily. It breaks all the doctor's verdict when he was born," said Kim, the mother of Liam, as reported from Dailymail.
According to Kim, she was very lucky because her son can still grow despite the need to use each machine to sleep. Liam is a fantastic child, always smiling, and laughing. And he has all the characteristics of normal children.

"This is a very rare condition. Liam is my first patient who was diagnosed with CCHS, when it comes to this hospital 12 years ago," said Dr Gary Connett, a doctor who handled Liam at Southampton General Hospital, Hants.

According to Dr. Connett, which was unusual was that Liam has a cancer growing within his body and he also had problems with his intestines.
"I can not find the report a child who could survive with all these health problems. It's really amazing. He is a child's unique in the world," added Dr Connett.