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August 23, 2010

Kyle Johnson with Dr.Blake Welling

Incredibly, The Miracle of God .. Congratulations with such a severe injury. Doctors suspended the skull in a dangerous operation to save his life. A man in Utah, 90-95 percent chance of death after breaking his skull in more than 10 places, up to a neurosurgeon, removed both sides of the head and froze it.
Kyle Johnson's brain swelled uncontrollably after she fell from a longboard - essentially a surfboard on wheels - while traveling around 60km / h. Dr Blake Welling from McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah decided to perform high-risk operation.

 We chose to take Kyle Johnson for the operation, and open each side of his head, "said Dr. Welling FOXNews.com. This is called a bilateral decompressive craniectomy. This is something neurosurgical operation which is very difficult to do as a last-ditch effort to save him.

Most neurosurgeons perform decompressive craniectomy on one side of the head, where the trauma occurred. In this case, Kyle global brain injury, so we need to take both sides of the skull of his head, leaving only a small piece of bone right in the middle. "
Dr. Welling and his team open the skull of Mr. Kyle Johnson, who cracked and tried to rebuild it with micro screws and plates, and then put it into the freezer, to prevent bones from becoming brittle.

Mr. Johnson is given the drug induced, so cultivated in a coma for about three weeks, while doctors monitor the development of brain swelling. After the swelling go down, Dr. Welling put the flaps of bone back into place, and asked Mr. Johnson about a week longer to get up.
"I'm not sure what will we be left with," said Dr. Welling. "When people have been injured like this, I think he may have a significant defect in it shall speak and learn to walk again and his cognitive functions. But low and behold, he woke up and its lights gradually come back on. "

Dr. Welling said by all purposes, Mr Johnson should die. "He has a very high mortality rate," he said. "I told him that sometimes we are left with very poor outcomes, but in your case, you have a guardian angel, you have something to live for."
Although Mr. Johnson did not require actual physical therapy, he is currently undergoing cognitive therapy to help with memory loss and things like multi-tasking. "This is something I do not have the ability to do it now," he said.

 "If you put two colors of crayons in front of me, say blue and green, I really can not think of two crayons. I can only think of one by one and even that is a struggle. So, for therapy, we've been doing exercises the mind more if you will. "

Now, almost 10 weeks after the accident, Mr. Johnson is looking forward to the future, but he was not sure if he'll ever return to his longboard. It's a little scary kind of feeling - so I do not know whether I will return to Longboarding but snowboarding for sure, "he said.



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