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May 30, 2010


Jellyfish including ancient living things too, because they were found 650 million years ago ... they can live in all types of sea water, even they also had been found in freshwater. Jellyfish do not have the respiratory system because their skin is thin and that their bodies already contain oxygen through diffusion. Jellyfish have no brain or central nervous system, but the jellyfish has a loose network of nerves, located at the epidermis, which is also referred to as "neural nets." Jellyfish consists of more than 90% water. Most of the masses is part of their umbrella jelly material called mesoglea, which is surrounded by two layers of cells that make up the umbrella (upper surface). While the bottom surface of the body known as the bell.
Jellyfish have a unique reproductive system, namely either-sex and male and female will release sperm and eggs into the surrounding water, where eggs are fertilized and grow into new organisms. Jellyfish have the deadliest poison and has caused at least 5568 deaths since 1954. Each tentacle has about 500 000 sindasites harpoon-shaped needle can inject into the victim.
Largest jellyfish species are a jellyfish to a lion's mane. This jellyfish is one of the longest known animals and that have the largest bell (body) with a diameter of 2.3 meters (7 feet 6 inches) and the tentacles reached 36.5 m (120 ft). These jellyfish ever found stranded on the Gulf coast of Massachusetts in 1870.

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May 25, 2010

Mount Rinjani National Park

In the lava mountains (2.800mdpl) died as a result there are craters on the volcano Rinjani (estimated to occur in the Pleistocene era <1,8 million years ago, BTNGR) form a very large lake (1.100hA) with beautiful scenery. The lake is called Lake Segara Anak, from approximately Sasak language means Little Sea. Simply describing the area of the lake. Lake water depth is estimated around 160m - 230m. Lake water temperature varied from the other side to the other side. The water there is a very strong sulfur smell so much like Moffett very dangerous, but those that smell like mountain spring water. In the middle of the lake Segara Anak emerged a new mountain called Mount New Finger.  The new mountain is believed to grow high in every year. Rainfall - average in this area is where the height of 2.000ml/tahun with 550mdpl - 3.726mdpl.

Mount Rinjani keep some mystery. One of the biggest mysteries is the Goddess of Anjani. Dewi Anjani is supposedly a direct descendant of King Selaparang results from the King's marriage with delicate creatures who live in Mount Rinjani, when he begged the rain to the region because of the long drought that hit Selaparang kingdom at that time. That's why until now Sasak ethnic community and the Hindu Dharma on the island of Lombok  often perform the ritual Mulang Pekelem, a ritual that is begging to Dewi Anjani rain with offerings of gold plates that form all kinds of beings sunk to water by way of Segara Anak lake.

Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) frequently visited by local and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty. Although to reach to the location, it takes a long time .... because walking to reach the lake Segara Anak, could not be reached by motor vehicle.They can even stay till a few days there with the use of tents and sleeping beds also to expel the cold.

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May 24, 2010

World's tallest waterfall

Name : Angel
Height : 1000 M
Country : Venezuela

Name : Tugela
Height : 984 M
Country : South Africa

Name : Kukenaam
Height : 656 M
Country : Guyana

Name : Sutherland
Height : 580 M
Country : New Zealand

Name : Ribbon
Height : 491 M
Country : USA

Name : Yosemite
Height : 435 M
Country : USA

Name : Gavamie
Height : 421 M
Country : French

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May 23, 2010

World's highest mountain

Name : Mount Everest
Height : 8.846 M
Country : Tibet and Nepal

Name : K2
Height : 8.611 M
Country : Kashmir

Name : Kanchenjunga
Height : 8.598 M
Country : India and Tibet

Name : Lhotse
Height : 8.516 M
Country : Nepal and Tibet

Name : Makalu
Height : 8.485 M
Country : Nepal and Tibet

Name : Cho Oyu
Height : 8.188 M
Country : Nepal and Tibet

Name : Dhaulagiri
Height : 8.167 M
Country : Nepal

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World longest river

Name : Nil
Length : 6.695 Km
Country : Egypt and Sudan

Name : Amazone
Length : 6.516 Km
Country : Brasil and Peru

Name : Yangtze
Length : 6.380 Km
Country : China

Name : Mississippi
Length : 6.020 Km
Country : USA

Name : Ob-Irtysh
Length : 5.570 Km
Country : China

Name : Hwang Ho
Length : 5.464 Km
Country : China

Name : Zaire/Congo
Length : 4.667 Km
Country : Zaire

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May 22, 2010

Sendang Gile Waterfall

One alternative tourism on the island of Lombok is Sendang gile waterfall ....
Sendang Gile waterfall located just below the feet of Mount Rinjani, the village Senaru northern island of Lombok. If there is among readers of all that pleased with the desires that mountain, the location of this tour is suitable to be a choice (not promotional) .. To get to the waterfall location, we need that may amount to thousands down the stairs, so can be used to place
exercise too ..... hahahahahhaha (laughs).
Feel tired after descending the stairs would be treated when they arrived in the waterfall, because the scene here is so natural and beautiful. If you want to feel the fresh mountain spring water, you also can bathe under the waterfall (can massaged by the outpouring of a waterfall that fell from the top of the hill )....

Travelling from the city of Mataram into Sendang gile can be done from two lanes ...
First is Pusuk path, which will be found many small monkeys along the road. We can approach them, because they will not run away when approached by humans. Because of this, a lot of tourists who come here to play, take pictures with the little monkey ....

The second is the path Senggigi ...
The journey from here will go further when compared with pusuk path ....
But along the way, you will be treated to views of the
exotic beach (beach batu layar, batu bolong, Senggigi, kerandangan and malimbu)  ..
So far though, you will not be bored because a lot of beautiful scenery that will make your brain and eyes to be fresh back.

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May 21, 2010

World's Longest Bridge

Name : Akashi-Kaiko
Length : 1.991 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1998
Country : Japan

Name : Xihoumen
Length : 1.650 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 2008
Country : China

Name : Great Belt East
Length : 1.624 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1998
Country : Denmark

Name : Runyang South
Length : 1.490 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 2005
Country : China

Name : Humber
Length : 1.410 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1981
Country : British

Name : Jiangyin
Length : 1.385 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1999
Country : China

Name : Tsing Ma
Length : 1.377 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1997
Country : China

Name : Verrazano-Narrows
Length : 1.298 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1964
Country : USA

Name : Golden Gate
Length : 1.280 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 1937
Country : USA

Name : Yangluo
Length : 1.280 Meter
Year of Manufacture : 2007
Country : China

May 20, 2010

Sea Horse

Sea horse is the animal that breathes with gills the water. Of their body is very varied, about 4 to 30 cm. They live along the shore, among seaweed and other marine plants.

Seahorses usually swim around at the reef to avoid danger. They usually are not many moves with their tails wrapped in the rock or crack rocks .....
They have a unique way of swimming, ie, standing up. How to swim they are affected by a very special system. Sea horse will move up and down in the water by way of changing the content of the air sacs in their pool. The number of air sacs inside pool was determined by careful, because if there is a slip inside the pocket pool,, would be fatal for them.
They will sink to the seabed when the bag is damaged or lost a little pool of air. And that means death for them ,,,,!!

Seahorses also have a unique more ...
Namely how to breed them, because the male who will become pregnant. But that does not mean that males will produce eggs, because females who egg production and after that their eggs will be deposited into the abdomen of male sea horses to be kept well fertilized. This process takes between 10 days to six weeks, until the eggs hatch.
Male seahorse will take about 30 minutes to give birth to their children. And the tiny sea horse is already able to feed themselves when they are born.
The number of sea horses can be born around 15 until 1000 tail, depending on the type of sea horse. And this world is estimated there are about 50 species of sea horses ..... incredible!

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May 18, 2010


Dolphins are the most intelligent sea creatures, friendly and helpful.
Perhaps among the dolphins we often see dolphins swimming in the sea ..
But actually dolphins dolphins spent more time in the depths of the deep, dark sea.
Dolphins can be seen in the dark better than humans to see in bright light. How could it be? Since dolphins can determine the direction of vibration / sound waves, called echolocation by experts.
Dolphins breathe using the two holes on his head. And just below this hole, there are small sacs that contain air. With air flowing through these small pockets, dolphins produce a high-pitched voice. Then, this echolocation sounds emitted towards the surroundings are disjointed. Dolphins sound will bounce when hitting any object. After that Dolphins will consider carefully the reflections of this sound. Sound reflections from the surroundings will be informed in detail about the distance of objects from him, the size and movement. With this device, dolphins dolphins can scan a large area, even map the ocean. This is the dolphin sonar system of dolphins that scan the ocean floor like an electronic scanner. Systems such as this is used by submarines to find directions by using sonar.
Dolphins eye is very remarkable, that allows to see clearly below or above the water surface. Dolphins have a springy eye lens that can expand and contract so it can focus below or above the water surface. Thus they can see clearly where there are a lot of prey for their food.
Dolphins eye also has other advantages. Ie each of their eyes can focus on one point simultaneously with the other eye. With these abilities, dolphins can swim with one eye looking ahead, while another next to the eye may be watching the situation when there is a threat of danger.
Dolphins body and skin are also very unique,,, when the dolphins swim with the dolphins will be fast, thin layer of water will form their crust. Thin layer of water is called "barrier layer". Dolphins  skin was created with flexibility that could allow him to move in a wave when the turbulence occurred. This prevents the occurrence of skin drag force that moves water to the opposite direction to the wave motion and turbulence on the barrier layer. Thus, dolphins can swim at high speed without a sound ........ Incredible!

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May 17, 2010


This cute primates called Kukang, and have a kinship with the polecat family .....
Their behavior is very cute, so often used as pets by some people ..
They consist of eight genera (genus) and divided into 14 types ... wow!
Of the eight clans, in Indonesia only just found a clan that is Nycticebus. Nycticebus and of itself is divided into four types anymore ....

1. Nycticebus coucang spread the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo, and surrounding islands.
2. Nycticebus pygmaeus spread in laos and cambodia
3. Nycticebus bengalensis, spread across India to Thailand.
4. Nycticebus javanicus, only spread out in Java.

Kukang is a happy night, including animals living in both the primary and secondary forest, bush and clump of bamboo trees. In Indonesia, kukang can found in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan.
Their presence could not significantly be recorded, let alone seen a lot of free sales on this one primate.

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Saki is kind family of monkey...
They have two types of groups: Pithecia and Chiropotes.
Their presence has been very rare in this world,,,, now they can be found along the river of Venezuela
to the east of Brazil ....
Their distinguishing features can be seen from the tail like a bush, has included in the chin beard, hair is very thick and short neck. If the female is brown to ash-gray with white stripes on each side of the nose, whereas if the male is black shiny ...
Their faces are similar to human faces longer grieve, hands and feet too closely mimic human limbs.
Height about 35-45 cm of their bodies and their weight ranged from 1-4 kg.
Their food is not much different from other monkey species, namely fruits, vegetables and small animals as well .....
Maybe when the day met the night with one of them, we would think humans who use the powder too thick (like the opera players ).... hahahahhahaa (laughs).

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Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan .... Beautiful is not it?
This exotic beach is very beautiful, both outside and inside view (the sea )....
On Gili Trawangan you will not find a car or motorcycle ...
There was only a bike rowing and also Cidomo (carriage )....

Gili Trawangan is one of the dyke is located on the island of Lombok ...
To get to Gili Trawangan, we have to cross using a boat. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes for the ferry ..
We can conduct a general ferry crossings with (cheaper costs) and also the charter system (more expensive fare) ...

We can around the dyke with Cidomo or mountain bike hire ...
When you are hungry you do not need to worry,,, because many restaurants, cafes, bungalows and also the hotel where you stay .... In other words, this dike was put up for those of you who love the beach, peaceful life, while accompanied by the relentless pounding of the waves one after another ...

Your good at diving? You can dive as deep as you like, because there are also many prepared means diving or just swimming goggles for swimming just off the coast while occasionally diving and see the natural beauty of the underwater ...
Fear of the sea because it is not good at diving diving or swimming? You can still see the beauty of the reefs and marine fauna are also wonderful with the glass surrounding the hire boat around the coast ... incredible!
On Gili Trawangan is not our place to see the human sophistication in shaping or building something, but a place where you can feel united with nature along with all its beauty .... Natural beauty of Gili Trawangan gives a totally natural that is not engineered by humans .....

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May 16, 2010

Swallow Bird

Swiftlet classification is as follows: Superorder. Apomorphae Order. Apodiformes Family. Apodidae Sub Family. Apodenae Tribes. Collacaliini Genera. Collacalia Species. Collacaliafuciphaga.
Insectivorous birds, including small, dark, being small / medium, has a crescent-shaped wings and beak and sharp, has very skinny legs and bird also has never perched in the branches of trees.
This bird used to live a dark place, such as in caves or sometimes on the ceiling of the house a rather damp and dark ...
Places like that they make their nests and breed as well ...
At this time of swallow nest have the commercial side which is very promising because it has a high price. Their nests are classified into two types,,, there is a cave swallow nest and home (because it is tailored to their residence).

Wild birds that normally nest swiftlet caves in the coastal cliffs. In such a place they will feel very calm and safe to breed And sometimes the hunters cave swiftlet nests often to have lost their lives in order to get a bird's nest will they harvest ...
If a home is a nest of captive breeding of the businessmen swallow nest, and it was not at risk for the owner when the harvest time has arrived,,, just a big profit .... hahahaha (laughs).

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This beast we call the common kuskus (sulawesi = memu), including marsupilia or marsupial mammals ...
Children born of this possum was raised in his mother's pouch (like kangaroos), and when they are often quite large in its mother's back while the tail is wrapped around each other.

Typical for this possum is the form of a round face, hairy, small ears, and a tail that is used to adhere / grow on twigs of trees to migrate from one tree to another tree ...
Tail of the possum to hold onto it very tightly on the twigs of trees, so that was also used by them as a tool to protect themselves from poachers who want to catch them by cutting down a tree branch where they hold.
Fitch is a fruit-eating animals, more activity during the day although sometimes come out at night too ....

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World Highest Buildings

Burj Dubai, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates ..
Height: 818 M
Level: 167

Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 509 M 
Level: 101


Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai
Height: 492 M
Level: 101
Petronas Tower 1 & 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Height: 452 M
Level: 88

Sears Tower, Chicago
Height: 442 M
Level: 108

Jin Mao Building, Shanghai
Height: 421 M
Level: 88

Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong
Height: 415 M
Level: 88

CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou, China
Height: 391 M
Level: 88


Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China
Height: 384 M
Level: 69

It is the world's tallest buildings for a while at this time .... incredible!
Maybe in the next 50 years will have reached 1000 meters = 1 kilo-meter ... wow! Fantastic!