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May 16, 2010


This beast we call the common kuskus (sulawesi = memu), including marsupilia or marsupial mammals ...
Children born of this possum was raised in his mother's pouch (like kangaroos), and when they are often quite large in its mother's back while the tail is wrapped around each other.

Typical for this possum is the form of a round face, hairy, small ears, and a tail that is used to adhere / grow on twigs of trees to migrate from one tree to another tree ...
Tail of the possum to hold onto it very tightly on the twigs of trees, so that was also used by them as a tool to protect themselves from poachers who want to catch them by cutting down a tree branch where they hold.
Fitch is a fruit-eating animals, more activity during the day although sometimes come out at night too ....

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