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November 10, 2010

Rubber body.

Woman from Russia who now lives in Germany is indeed a very flexible body and elastic like rubber, how not Zlata who is now 24-year-old tainted bent 90 degrees with a perfect body until the hands meet feet, Zlata even able to fold her body to be included in a small box that it's really impossible to enter a normal human being in general.

The uniqueness of its not necessarily just happen, but through a very hard exercise, balanced with efforts to diet, maintain the condition of her body remained supple. The first time she demonstrate flexibility when in front of her school friends she was bending the body to form a bridge. After that Zlata realized her body could be moved so elastic that rarely can be done other people.

It is very remarkable, because the flexibility of her body bound to make the audience chuckle in awe when seen.....

November 8, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs in India

Geologists have discovered a group of fossilized dinosaur eggs estimated 65 million years old. Group of dinosaur eggs were discovered in a village in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, India.

"We found piles of eggs, and dinosaur body parts. Each layer in the pile consists of eight items, "said M. Ramkumar, a geologist from the University Periyar who led the survey team, as quoted by The Hindu,

The eggs with a diameter of 13-30 cm which is in the area of about 1.2 meters long was found in a survey funded by the German-Indian Institute of Science.

Fossil eggs in the nest was buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of the Deccan Plateau, which may have led to population extinction of dinosaurs.

Nesting dinosaur eggs were found along the banks of Cauvery River and down stream. In the watershed was also found the remains of dirt and bones of dinosaurs.

"The discovery in large numbers on the same line indicates that the dinosaurs went back to the site for nesting," said Anbarasu, the survey team members.

Relates to the discovery, the researchers have asked local governments to maintain the site, given the similar findings in North India had looted irresponsible people.

Boy inventor Bug in Mozilla

SAN FRANCISCO - Mozilla give gifts to, Alex Miller, a 12-year-old boy from the United States, worth USD3.000 or approximately Rp26 million. Miller is a kid who managed to find a bug in borwser Mozilla, Firefox.

Mercury News, Sunday (10/24/2010) launch, Miller is indeed a bug hunter. He managed to find a security hole that can be burglarized in Firefox. defect mentioned in Firefox it is critical to making it unable to function properly. Miller debugging, after knowing Mozilla increase the reward from $ 500 to USD3.000.

"Several months ago we increased the amount of payment to USD3.000, basically to reflect changes in the economy, and markets, since this bug search program started," said Brandon Sterne, Mozilla Security Program Manager.

Miller said he spent about 90 minutes each day to focus the search for security holes. Finally, within ten days of searching he managed to find a point of weakness related to the performance of Firefox on a computer memory.

According to Sterne, the process of finding bugs is not easy. "Not at all easy. Space for people to find a weakness in one very small point," said Sterne.
"To find a Bug, Mozilla is very dependent on volunteers who alert the security gap," said Sterne.

Great .... so young can already find a complicated thing like this.How about when he (Miller) is an adult?

November 7, 2010

Mysterious story from Japan

According to people who ever saw this doll, this doll is creepy with all the nuances of non-logical. How can inanimate objects can grow hair continuously. A Japanese researcher revealed that the results of forensic tests which were grown doll's hair is exactly the same hair at the age of 10 years.

Okiku name is taken from a child who was playing with dolls with a size of 40 centimeters tall, dressed in a kimono with black eyes like beads and bushy hair. Okiku doll has been in the temple town of Iwamizawa Mannenji in Hokkaido Prefecture) since 1938.

This doll was originally purchased in 1918 by a young man named Eikichi Suzuki in Sapporo, where he saw a beautiful Japanese doll with a kimono. Eikichi purchased this doll for his sister, who were 2 years old named Okiku, this child loved this doll and play it every day.

But unfortunately, Okiku died shortly after that because of fever.Then at her funeral, the family would like to include the doll into her coffin, but somehow they forgot. The girl's family then put the doll on the household altar and pray for each day in order to commemorate Okiku.

Some time later, they saw the hair begins to grow. According to this story is the spirit of the girl who took refuge inside the doll.

In 1938, the Suzuki family, moved to shakalin, dolls okiku Mannenji finally deposited in a temple in Hokkaido. According to the priest at the temple, traditional Japanese dolls are always short-haired, he also confirmed that okiku doll hair, stretches, although the cut and hold a regular basis, but the hair was growing. According to the temple, originally a traditional doll has short cropped hair, but over time continue to grow about 25 centimeters long, up to the knee doll.Although the doll's hair is cut regularly, but according to the story, the hair grows again.

This story has inspired a variety of Japanese horror movies popular, one of which is the movie Haunted School.

November 5, 2010

Giant frog from Africa

African frog is the largest frog species in the world. With a rough surface and smooth body, 
the frog usually has an aggressive nature and temperament. Carnivorous amphibians that can jump as far as 12 feet and have canine teeth which are also used for fighting.

Senior Tropical House Keeper at Newquay Zoo, UK, Dan Garrick, who used to feed the frog it every day say, African frog,  is a kind of greedy. "They are predators that the frog just sits waiting for their victim," said Dan.

How to hunt this frog is, by making sudden attacks on the animals could reach. Animals who become the victims were confirmed dead limp with shock prior to digestion. "If the prey is too large, then the frog will wait for his guts out," said Dan.

Although it looks very fierce, frogs, it is also a nature lover. Parent frog, always keeping their eggs and tadpoles from the threat of predators. This frog species is also exploring a special pool, to ensure that their children are not drought.

Frogs Africa or in Latin "Adspersus Pyxicephalus", is a beast-eating insects, rodents, birds and are known to be cannibalistic to beat the other frogs.

An African frog, weighing up to 2 kilogram with a length of up to 24 centimeters. This frog can be found in the entire southern African region, central and east.