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September 29, 2010

Assessing the age of handshakes ...

Hand grip strength is often seen as a sign of confidence. However, it also means a signal that you will have a long life, say scientists.
A study for approximately 10 years of reporting, more than 50,000 people have revealed that grip strength, walking speed or wake up from a chair, and the ability to balance the body is an indicator of how long we can live. Similarly, as reported by the Times of India, on Tuesday (28/09/2010).

In a study has been published in the British Medical Journal, the Medical Research Council (MRC) measures the firmness of the grip hand of the participants aged 18 years to more than 80 years. Studies held in 33 countries reveals the fact that the relationship between grip strength and survival can be seen in young and elderly people. Physical ability tests are also given to participants, including test walking speed, chair rises, and standing balance performed.

"The simple non-invasive assessment of health related present and future, can help doctors identify the most vulnerable people whose health later in life. As well as early intervention (prevention measures) to keep them active for longer," said Rachel Cooper from the MRC.

Future Cell Phone by Mozilla

The concept of a mobile future, which is exhibited by the Mozilla Labs combines Pico Projector technology is used not just display images to the screen / wall but also as an input device (keyboard).
The named is SeaBird, in this phone there are 2 pico projector on the side of a dual function. When positioned horizontally so the projector will display images on the screen and the other phone will display the image of a keyboard that can be used as a virtual keyboard.
When positioned standing, then 2 parts of a keyboard will appear next to the phone that is also used as a virtual keyboard. While at the bottom with the help of infrared will feature an area that functions the same touchpad as a touchpad on the notebook.

The Largest Spider webs...

Scientists recently discovered that the Net Profit and Earnings Darwin Bark is the largest in the world, and also ten times stronger than the armor.
Igni Agnarsson, from the University of Puerto Rico, was first discovered Spider Net giant Bark Darwin, back in 2001, and knows that he must return to Madagascar and study these creatures a little further. He did that until the year 2008 and 2010 for the research reveals some remarkable enough data.
While not exactly the biggest spider known by human (females larger than males, and only 3-4 cm, with legs still outstretched), Darwin Bark Spider grow giant nets that reached up to 25 meters in length, with the main core of about 2, 8 square meters. With the nets of this size, it is surprisingly smooth substance can withstand twice as much power a normal spider, which makes it 10 times stronger than a piece of armor, and thus, the strongest biological material ever found.

How, and why Darwin Bark Spider created this giant net? still secret, but the fact that they are usually found in rivers and lakes suggest means to capture large insects who spent their youth in environmental water, trapping them right when they take to the air. Birds and bats also pass right on the water, but there is no evidence of spider webs to trap prey such large.

September 27, 2010

The world's biggest wind turbine ..

The push for renewable energy needs other than fossil fuels, encouraging the UK Government to increase the utilization of alternative energy. On Thursday (23 / 9), a number of giant windmills of the largest in the world, operated off the coast of southeast England.

Wind power sites in the North Sea was built along seven miles (12 kilometers) offshore areas. Operation of the wind turbine facility is certainly going to increase the supply of renewable energy across the UK.

Operational Thanet wind turbine site was supplying electrical energy which has now reached a production capacity of 5 gigawatts in the UK, which in a rough calculation can meet the electricity needs for the entire house in Scotland. 

Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which build the largest wind turbine facility, said about 100 turbines off the Thanet coast that can supply enough electricity for one year to 200,000 homes at peak energy production. 

Japan Bike Storage

Special parking place for bicycles on the train station in Kasai, Tokyo can accommodate 9400 bicycles are constructed in the ground with a depth of 15 meters.

Not only that, everything is done with robots, you simply put the bike in front of the door and then a lift / elevator will open to take the bike and immediately put it in "the cellar" is.

To take it back, only took 23 seconds for the robot to identify, retrieve, and handed it back to the owner.

Electric-powered motor racing

Pictured above is MotoCzysz E1pc 2010 edition made by MotoCzysz a small company based in Portland, Oregon, United States, which was founded by Michael Czysz who specializes optimizing the performance of electric-powered motor. MotoCzysz E1pc 2010 edition consists of 5 pieces of batteries which have a strength of 10 times the capacity of the battery-powered Toyota Prius and 2.5 times the force of torque Ducati 1198. Having undergone several changes and improvements from previous years, now MotoCzysz E1pc remove the latest variant in 2010 with the strength and durability of a more optimal.

In the experiment test and practice sessions TOP SPEED produced, is 140 Mph or about 225 KMH. Speed who wants to be penetrated is about 200 Mph or 321 KMH, equivalent to the speed of the MotoGP bikes. Going forward will not close the possibility to be mass produced. According to sources, the manufacturer has tried to seriously explore this cooperation is a manufacturer BAJAJ motorcycle manufacturer from India


September 26, 2010

Cruel ..

There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except the male lover beloved. He was always there for her. The girl said that if she could see, then she will marry the man her lover's.
One day, someone donated a pair of eyes for her so she could see everything, including her boyfriend's.Her male lovers asked her,
"Because now you can see, would you marry me now?"

The girl was shocked and surprised because it turned out her boyfriend is also blind, and she refused to marry him.

The man went away with a very deep sadness, and some time later he wrote a letter to the girl.


This is how human beings, change when their status changes. Only a few people who remember what life before, and who had accompanied them in times of suffering. 

Ha Long Bay

If you go to Hanoi, Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a resort that must be visited. All hotels and travel agencies in Hanoi must have put a tour to Ha Long Bay as a first choice.

Ha Long bay was the site of the natural wonders of the lagoon (lake) surrounded by approximately 1900 large and small islands in the Tonkin Gulf region (140 km north of Hanoi). In the area, spread a lot of rocks of various sizes that make it unique and very beautiful. Ha Long Bay is one of the wonders of the world are preserved by UNESCO. Even touted as the 8th wonder of the world.


Most luxurious cruise ship

In 1912 the cruise ship Titanic was the most luxurious cruise ship World wide highway. But for now, maybe a cruise ship Explorer of the Seas is the most luxurious ship a universe .... let us look inside of this yacht.

"EXPLORER OF THE SEAS" Belongs to "Royal Caribbean International"and can be said the Titanic of the new age.

Ship Facts Ship HighlightsMaiden Voyage: October 28, 2000
Passenger Capacity: 3,114
Godmother: Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Gross Tonnage: 138,000
Length: 1020'
Max Beam: 157.5'
Draft: 29'
Cruising Speed: 23.7 knots

Ship HighlightsIce-skating rink
Rock-climbing wall
In-line skating
Royal Promenade (open 24 hours)
Johnny Rockets® '50s-style restaurant
Portofino Italian Restaurant
Themed bars and lounges
Casino RoyaleSM
Golf simulators
9-hole miniature golf course
Adventure Ocean® youth facilities
ShipShape® Day Spa and Fitness Center
Full-size basketball court

Conference Facilities
Dedicated meeting space with breakout rooms and reception area to accommodate up to 400 people
Executive boardroom
High-tech presentation rooms
Color touch screens, wireless remote controls, teleconferencing equipment and more

Living with a knife pat on the head for 3 years ...

A man in Brazil are surprisingly able to survive for three years with a knife stuck in his head. The knife was eventually able to be revoked after surgery earlier this week.

Can not stand the pain in his head for three years, Nascimento had to take risks to perform the surgery knife. As a result, the operation went smoothly. Now, he was free from pain, which was felt for three years.

Nascimento Edeilson a mechanic, was forced to live with a 10 centimeter knife stuck in his head during the last three years. His head was pierced by a knife after he was involved in a fight at a bar.

Operations performed by 29-year-old man was a success. He was expected to be discharged from the hospital in the city of Recife, next week. So reported the Associated Press on Saturday (25/09/2010).
Nascimente admitted, he was involved in a bar brawl in 2007, when he returned to the house, he was attacked by unknown persons and suffered puncture wounds on his head.

The first time he came to the hospital after being stabbed, the doctors just throw up the knife from the head while the sharp is still stuck in his head. The doctor was worried if the knife is revoked entirely can cause damage to the brain Nascimento.
Can not stand the pain in his head for three years, Nascimento had to take risks to perform the surgery knife. As a result the operation went smoothly. Now he was free of pain experienced over the years.


September 25, 2010

Do you know Aquagenic Urticaria...?

If there is someone says "I'm allergic to seafood, or I'm allergic to dust", may have often heard. But, have you heard someone say "I'm allergic to water"? It sounds very strange ...

Lisa Melland, a butcher from Derbyshire, England, felt pain on contact with water. Her skin was burning and the onset of rash shortly after contact with water.
Conditions experienced by Melland including a rare disease called aquagenic urticaria. Cases of this kind is estimated there are only 40 cases in the world.

The disease began to attack Melland since seven years ago. "I suddenly develop a rash after contact with water. I think that I use contaminated water chemicals, but when I hit the water for the next time, the same symptoms occur again," Melland said as quoted by The Sun.
Since the disease was diagnosed, Melland Tub trapped into the suffering inside. She can not swim. In fact, he should not cry as much as possible because of the tears that drip can cause spots on the face.
She also had to limit the shower because the activity was very painful. Allergic effects usually last a few hours if the water was not immediately removed from her body. And, once exposed to water, she must immediately put on hypoallergenic lotion to her body back to normal.

Whichever, she always carried an umbrella fold, fearing rain water touching her body. Tissue is also always available in a bag to clean face and hands, every time you come into contact with water. "I'm hoping I'll wake up one morning and this allergy can be lost," she said.
This case also happened to Ashleigh Morris, 21-year-old Australian girl. Painful red rashes on the skin immediately arose when she was in contact with water. She could not bathe more than a minute because it will be very painful. Luckily it was only in skin allergy. They do not have problems when drinking water.

Nina Goad of the British Association of dermatologist said the allergy may happen due to high water levels of histamine in the blood. But so far, experts do not know for sure what causes the rare condition, so treatment has not been found.

Nasal Spray

Are you including the shy, easily nervous, or less social? Your problem would soon be no solution. Scientists in Israel have developed new drugs which can reduce barriers to socialize.

As reported the Daily Telegraph, scientists at the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment and Columbia University, creating a nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin. These drugs are claimed to help improve a person's ability to interact socially.

Oxytocin was formerly known as the "hormone of love". These natural hormones can increase feelings of empathy and closeness (bonding)-particularly among the parents and their children.

Recent research found that this hormone can improve social skills among the less socially and shy, although the effect is not too big on those who by nature are "confident". These findings are expected to provide major implications for those who are experiencing social barriers, which often appeared on conditions such as autism.
In his research, the scientists tested whether the hormone in the form of nasal sprays can increase mutual understanding between individuals. A total of 27 healthy men were included in the research and they were given a nasal spray containing the hormone and placebo.
They were asked to perform specific tasks to measure the ability to read minds and feelings of others. Respondents were also asked to watch his colleagues talk about their precious moments, and then make judgments about what is perceived.
The researchers, who reported his research in the journal Psychological Science, also measure the social competence of the respondents using a similar test called the AQ, which is usually applied in patients with autism.
The results showed that the hormone oxytocin is able to improve the ability of empathy for the respondents-especially in the less intelligent group were socializing.


September 24, 2010

The mirror moves most expensive in the world.

When giving gifts the wife, the gift must be extraordinarily expensive and luxurious. In addition, the gift must also be able to make other people look.

This is what has always been a dream of Ian Grice (42), when he want to give gifts on his wife. Ian Grice's desire to give gifts with the above criteria finally accomplished. As Valentine's Day, Grice gave a special gift for Toni (41), his wife.
For the sake of love, Ian willing reached 30,000 pounds (USD 415 million) to turn a Mini Cooper car into a mirror running and most expensive in the world as a gift for his wife.

To get his wish, Grice accidentally contact a special home modifications in London. Here Grice expressed his desire to change the Mini Cooper into a luxury car.
"The whole car body is coated with super quality chrome, so it really was like a mirror. It's a mirror moving most expensive in the world," he said.

However, it has antique and unique cars, which has always been a concern of society, not always making Grice and Toni happy.
The reason, none of the auto insurance company is willing to bear the damage if the car is scratched or have an accident.

"My life is full of concern. I lived with a mirror of the world's most expensive, which at times can be damaged, but there is no insurance that would guarantee my antique car," he said.
Party home modifications, could provide insurance against this car.

 "However, only one week. They guarantee during the trip until we got home. After that, it becomes our responsibility," said Grice couples who live in Greasley, Nottinghamshire.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Association of British Insurance (ABI) told to 'The Sun', that Ian Grice, the father of two children, inviting danger.  

"How are harmless?His car was very interesting people, even thieves and robbers, I was sure it would also be interested to have it. Moreover, the car without insurance," he said.

World heroes

Colonel Stanislav Petrov, do you know who he is? He is a super hero in the real world, because thanks to the courage and deliberations .... World War III could be defeated.What's the story? It is a bit of a story about Colonel Stanislav Petrov.

We all still remember the events of the cold war the United States and the Soviet Union, right? At that time, the United States has the Missile Nuclear 4000-10000 ..While the Soviet Union has about 13000-50000 of Nuclear Missiles ...Can we imagine what will happen with this world, that until the nuclear missiles to explode or be used for war.1 piece of missiles alone can make Hiroshima destroyed, especially when up to tens of thousands of them.

Colonel Stanislav Petrov was the Lieutenant Colonel who served inone bunker detection of enemy attacks in the Soviet Union.On September 26, 1983, Computer Defense of the Soviet Union in the bunker, the detection of an American missile towards the Soviet Union,This of course would be fatal if not returned immediately,however, Colonel Petrov said it was just a computer errorand America could not be attacked, and he did not report to his superior, if only Petrov follow the rules, and report to his superiors, possibly nuclear war, which until now was feared, would happen .....

But the courage of a Colonel, dared break the rules,for the sake save the fate of this world, even though he knew his lifeis a successor if he is wrong.After that, it only proved correct computer error, Petrov was considered a hero. Country giving praise, medals, and what a hero deserves.

In 2004, the Petrov awarded $ 1,000 for his services.In 2006, he was also invited as an honored guest to the UN building in New York.   

September 23, 2010

World's most expensive watches

Wrist watches for U.S. $ 6.5 million (Rp.65 billion), were bought by a European squillionaires, made by Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, which makes it a new clock in the world's most expensive. This clock takes many years to make.

Here are its features :
* Perpetual calendar and leap year
* Star chart and celestial annual calendar
* Tourbillon regulator
* Sunrise and sunset indication
* Perpetual time equation
* Phases and age of the moon
* Substantial power reserve
* Multiple time zones and day-night indication 

Man, without arms and legs crossed the English Channel

This was supposed to be an example. Has shortcomings, it should not make the will of a stuck. At least this is evidenced by a Frenchman who lost his arms and legs amputated due.

He successfully crossed the English Channel by swimming. With high spirit Phillipe Croizon swim from Folkestone, Kent, England to Cap Gris Nez in France, just over 13 hours. Previously, men aged 42 years, the target would cross the English Channel in 24 hours.

Croizon doing this for himself, family and all who have a shortage like me and feel the loss of life. What is done by Croizon is great. Accompanying the team, even believe, if Croizon, had a record-breaking swim conducted by men with disabilities.

Croizon lost limbs through amputation surgery, after 16 years he had an accident, when he move the TV antenna from the roof of his house. He was stung by the flow of electricity, which comes from the power pole located nearby, doctors had to amputate his legs and hands due to this incident.

 With this achievement, Croizon able to prove if a man with no arms and legs can do amazing things. Although time to feel sick, and was about to give up, Croizon finally settle the action. According Croizon father, his son colored luck in this effort. Wind conditions in a friendly environment makes the effort much easier. Also Croizon also briefly joined by three dolphins who swim close to him for a while, of course it is a sign of luck Croizon.If he did not despair, what you currently have a better physical condition than him?

The world's biggest gold storage.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York - located at 33 Liberty steet, Manhattan, New York, United States. In the open on November 16, 1914.

Here there are vault / storage room of gold, the largest in the world. In the vault there are estimated 10% of gold reserves in the world or around 5,000 metric tons of gold deposit, which is worth USD 270 billion or equivalent to Rp. 2430 Trillion!

Besides gold reserves came from the United States itself is also a savings deposit of 36 other countries, which rely on storage at the Fed Bank of New York.No one can enter it carelessly, especiallydocumenting what is in the vault.

 In the picture above, is the exit point of the gold truck from the outside toward the storage barn, and conversely that in the case by several security officers

Welcome to the biggest gold storage vault in the world. This is where the door of the exit point of the gold that is stored in the Bank. At the vault door, there are 3 meters long tunnel made of 90 tons of steel cylinder weighing about 140 tons door, which consisted of a mixture of steel and concrete.

 These are the rooms where the store of gold, there are 122 compartments this location. In the picture appears full compartment filled by gold bullion

Any gold that will be entrusted here, will be accounted for inventory by the officer, printed in accordance with the serial number and owner. After that will be weighed carefully, to avoid mistakes in the management and approval later. Because the gold that was entrusted in the bank is not in small amounts, but it amounted to very much.