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September 24, 2010

The mirror moves most expensive in the world.

When giving gifts the wife, the gift must be extraordinarily expensive and luxurious. In addition, the gift must also be able to make other people look.

This is what has always been a dream of Ian Grice (42), when he want to give gifts on his wife. Ian Grice's desire to give gifts with the above criteria finally accomplished. As Valentine's Day, Grice gave a special gift for Toni (41), his wife.
For the sake of love, Ian willing reached 30,000 pounds (USD 415 million) to turn a Mini Cooper car into a mirror running and most expensive in the world as a gift for his wife.

To get his wish, Grice accidentally contact a special home modifications in London. Here Grice expressed his desire to change the Mini Cooper into a luxury car.
"The whole car body is coated with super quality chrome, so it really was like a mirror. It's a mirror moving most expensive in the world," he said.

However, it has antique and unique cars, which has always been a concern of society, not always making Grice and Toni happy.
The reason, none of the auto insurance company is willing to bear the damage if the car is scratched or have an accident.

"My life is full of concern. I lived with a mirror of the world's most expensive, which at times can be damaged, but there is no insurance that would guarantee my antique car," he said.
Party home modifications, could provide insurance against this car.

 "However, only one week. They guarantee during the trip until we got home. After that, it becomes our responsibility," said Grice couples who live in Greasley, Nottinghamshire.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Association of British Insurance (ABI) told to 'The Sun', that Ian Grice, the father of two children, inviting danger.  

"How are harmless?His car was very interesting people, even thieves and robbers, I was sure it would also be interested to have it. Moreover, the car without insurance," he said.

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