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September 25, 2010

Nasal Spray

Are you including the shy, easily nervous, or less social? Your problem would soon be no solution. Scientists in Israel have developed new drugs which can reduce barriers to socialize.

As reported the Daily Telegraph, scientists at the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment and Columbia University, creating a nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin. These drugs are claimed to help improve a person's ability to interact socially.

Oxytocin was formerly known as the "hormone of love". These natural hormones can increase feelings of empathy and closeness (bonding)-particularly among the parents and their children.

Recent research found that this hormone can improve social skills among the less socially and shy, although the effect is not too big on those who by nature are "confident". These findings are expected to provide major implications for those who are experiencing social barriers, which often appeared on conditions such as autism.
In his research, the scientists tested whether the hormone in the form of nasal sprays can increase mutual understanding between individuals. A total of 27 healthy men were included in the research and they were given a nasal spray containing the hormone and placebo.
They were asked to perform specific tasks to measure the ability to read minds and feelings of others. Respondents were also asked to watch his colleagues talk about their precious moments, and then make judgments about what is perceived.
The researchers, who reported his research in the journal Psychological Science, also measure the social competence of the respondents using a similar test called the AQ, which is usually applied in patients with autism.
The results showed that the hormone oxytocin is able to improve the ability of empathy for the respondents-especially in the less intelligent group were socializing.


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