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July 31, 2010

Want to get married at the age of 107 years?

Commotion in China! A very old grandmother, 107 years, finally decided to get married for the first time in her life. But when she was young, she refused to marry, for fear, because they feel unprepared. Now when she was growing dusk, before she expressed readiness for fostering households. It was reported in Chinese newspapers.

Reportedly, Wang Guiying, so this unique grandmother's name, is now looking for a man interested in marrying her. She hopes to get a husband younger than herself, between 90 or 100 years earlier. Besides she now feels ready to get married, she is also worried about the burden of her nephew, especially since she broke her leg at the age of 102 years, making stops doing household chores.
Wang was born in southern Guizhou province, when young, very scared to get married, because she saw her uncle who treat trauma their wives, very bad. Not only that, she often found domestic life in the region of 'horrible', in which a husband treat their wife so haphazardly.

In the era of the young Wang, social position of women is much lower compared to men, then, the sight of torturing wife's husband, was common at that time. This caused a prolonged trauma in the life of Wang who finally refused to marry.
But now times have changed. Women equal rights and equal with men. More than that she needed a companion in her old age.

Mobile phone, 18 Times More Dirty of Toilet Doors

Many people think that toilet door handles are the most dirty place, because it contains many germs and bacteria that come from the toilet. But, did you know that cell phones or mobile phones, they are dirtier than a toilet door handle?
Researchers analyzed the 30 mobile phones from several different people. The results show that mobile phones contain live bacteria 18 times more than the toilet door handle.
This research is very surprising, because in addition contains 18 times more bacteria than the toilet door, the researchers also found that bacteria that nest on the phone is on 'warning level' of environmental bacteria levels.

A cell phone can be filled with concentrated bacteria, including faecal coliforms bacteria, which can cause indigestion and stomach disorders in a fairly serious.
Although not directly dangerous, but elevated levels of bacteria showed that the phone has poor hygiene. In addition, the phone can also serve as a convenient breeding place for germs more dangerous.
"The level of potentially harmful bacteria on phones already exceeds the normal scale. Mobile phones need to be sterilized," said Jim Francis, Sanitation and Hygiene experts, as reported by the Telegraph.

The results showed how bacteria could reproduce easily, on the surface of the phone and can switch to another person, who holds directly or shake hands with the owner of the phone.
Francis suggested, should be frequently cleaned and sterilized phone with alcohol wipe, ie cleaners that contain some alcohol. This will better protect you from dangerous bacteria that nest on the phone.

July 30, 2010

Steve Gator

The fate of Steve Gator, 26, really unlucky. Half his head was crushed in the attack two brutal thugs. Lucky life is saved, although the incident because she suffered from lifelong disability. Head by half, and he looks very scary.

Surgeons act quickly, by removing some of the crushed skull and immediately pelastik operation. The result as can be seen in this picture, the shape of the head of Steve, who daily work as a forklift driver, be weird.Told, that the two thugs to attack Steve and crushes his head on the pavement. Curiously, the AGO, rather than punishing perpetrators, it dropped the case so that makes Steve's mother, Nina Gator shocked and outraged. "I can not believe this," said Mrs. Gator, 47, was angry. "Everyone is entitled to justice and that is determined by the jury." she said.CPS lawyers said it needed more evidence before go to trial. But the Lady Gator vehemently said, "Now our children walk with half his head, much less evidence is needed??"The attacks happened when Steve came home from work, heading home. As a result of that sadistic assault, Steve, who comes from Harold Hill, Romford, Esex, suffered serious brain damage. Now he often suffered from seizures, it is difficult to speak and lost his memory.
Incident, occurred precisely at 7:30 PM on January 15 last, when he walked home. When it came shouts of derision about his cousin. He was angry, but one of the men, hitting him so hard that he crashed, and his head hit the pavement too hard. Severe condition that made him an instant coma, and it lasted for two weeks.His mother panicked and confused, she always keep her son's bedside was treated at Queen's Hospital, Romford. Serious swelling on his brain, and doctors immediately did surgery a few hours after he was taken. Fortunately the rapid handling of Steve that his life was saved.
This is a miracle, because, Steve brain damage, so severe, even the doctors have warned parents Steve, Nina, that the life expectancy (chance of surviving), to her son only 15 percent. In fact Steve could survive. Two days after the incident, police arrested two teenagers who allegedly attacked a stir in it.While Steve, a week after the coma was brought home by the parents who will do treatment at home. Steve was also forced to be dismissed from work.

With tears, Nina says, now his son became a different boy. He was no longer like the old Steve, his mother said sadly. "He was once so independent, but now he can not do that anymore, now he also can not drive," said Nina. "He only has half a head. Now he really lost his self-confidence, "added Nina again.Now, says Nina, there's nothing to protect (the skull) brain, there's only skin. "We are now awaiting the execution of the operation again, to install the new skull, a kind of dishes that will be placed there. Therefore, she was very surprised, if the perpetrator who attacked the Steve, was not punished.
"Actually, this condition will be borne by my son during his life," he said.Borough Crown Prosecutor General Havering, Corinne Soanders, said: "A decision was made to charge the two defendants with wounding, breaking the law on January 17, 2009." This case will be continued, if the CPS has included enough evidence and relevant to the case it.Termination of the case is really painful for Steve's family, especially for victims who have lifelong disabilities."I apologize to the victims and their families, not to convey this decision to them personally," said the prosecutor. I am willing, if they (family Steve), would like to request further clarification regarding this case, prosecutors added another.

Skiing on rocks

Those "crazy" was first done this in the year 1990. Sport of skiing and skate boards are done at the steep mountain slopes, but without the ice. Yes, they glide above the ground and rocks. Of course, danger is very great, even categorize as a sport can be a super dangerous. Today, more and more people who love this sport, and claims can not live without it. In my opinion, this can be done in Indonesia, but we all dare to try it?

Unique Wristwatch

Product sales success is dependent of the selected time, and this is one contohnya.Seperti we know, there is a problem because of the flight ash released by volcanoes in Iceland where, together with the launch of a clock associated with it.

Eyjafjallajökull-DNA is a watch that is quite unique because the inside is made of stone and ash from the eruption of Mount Eyjafjallajökull which resulted in the cancellation of many flights lately. Whether it was intentional or not, this clock was launched to remind people of aviation disasters, especially with the interior design is made like the surface of volcanic lava that is coupled with exit from the surface.

These watches are made is very limited, and instead they say, only one fruit only. To make the wearer proud to have supplied a certificate certifying that the stones and dust which is used because it is derived from Mount Eyjafjallajökull.

July 29, 2010

Scientists create 'sexual tsunami'

Scientists at the University of Toronto found that by genetically tweaking fruit flies so they failed to produce a particular type of pheromone or odour, it turned them irresistible to their species.
Professor Joel Levine, who led the study, removed the cuticular hydrocarbon pheromone, used by the flies to communicate.

They discovered that when the pheromone was removed, it created a "sexual tsunami" where the bugs proved attractive to one another, regardless of sex. The research found that male fruit flies with no history of homosexuality attempted to mate with their pheromone-free males, according to the research published in journal Nature.
Even flies of a different species were interested, according to the research team.
"Lacking these chemical signals eliminated barriers to mating," Prof Levine said.
He conceded however that although pheromones play a key part in the human mating game, ours is far more complex than that of fruit flies.
"We may rely more on the visual system, and we may have a more complex way of assessing other individuals and classifying them and determining how we're going to relate to them than a fly does."

Candy-fueled rocket

Chewing gum or candy is a preoccupation, especially for children. Almost all the boys love it. But unexpectedly, the candy is now able to be a rocket fuel. Were the scientists from the University of Hertfordshire, England, who recently found it.

This discovery began in 2005, when the university began a program of rocket-fueled rocket until candy created successfully. This rocket has a speed of up to 1200 miles per hour that can undertake only within three seconds.
Although still a preliminary findings, this rocket has attracted the attention of many circles. The proof was the longest rocket sized four meters, the chance to appear in The Times Magazine in late August. Not only that, the rocket fuel candy, also never fly as high as 8,000 feet, equivalent to 2.4 kilometers in the sky of Scotland, at the International Rocket Week event.

"We do not want to suggest that corporate jet maker, and the rocket began to think to use sugars as their rocket fuel. But, they can think of alternative fuels more environmentally friendly," said Ray Wilkinson, a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, as quoted Sciencedaily.com site.  

Karina Oakley

LONDON - two-year-old girl, has the intellectual intelligence (IQ) reached 160 points. Karina Oakley from Guildford, Surrey, England, is the youngest member of Mensa, a group of people who have a high IQ.
She was able to recall the words and sentences of foreign language even though only one time listen. Karina is also able to count and write fluently. Karina IQ was 60 points above the UK average.

Child psychologist, Professor Jean Freeman praised Karina, for having the grace of God with an amazing imagination.
Karina's father was a computer programmer. Meanwhile, Karina's mother, Charlotte Fraser (36) revealed, her daughter play and dress like other girls.
"I do not predict the results of IQ," she said, quoted by The Sun.

Giugiaro Quaranta taksi

A concept car at auto show on display only, usually always make us pessimistic, because it is impossible to be able to see it on the road.
However, Giugiaro Quaranta, who had introduced a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, mat-year 2008 and then, finally able to realize its concept car the highway production.

And want to know what kind of results? As reported by Topspeed on Friday (05/07/2010) they have decided to bring car production Giugiaro Quaranta concept at a taxi!
And it's really happening in Rome. Although only doing their job as a car commercial in a few days, but still a stunning news.
In addition to the sporty and futuristic design, Quaranta Taxi artificial hybrid engine powered by Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, which also helped support solar panels.

The composition of these energy sources can produce the power to reach 268 hp, so this super cab can be run from 000-100 km per hour in just 4.2 seconds.
Therefore, Quaranta Taxis may carry passengers up to the goal, before the passengers actually realized, what was the car they were traveling?

July 28, 2010

Cleopatra's tomb

An image obtained from the Egyptian Supreme Council of the temple shows Taposiris Magna and half-body statue of Cleopatra. Historic objects were found on the west coast of Alexandria. An archaeological team from Egypt and the Dominican Republic Magna Taposiris complete the survey for three years as part of foraging Cleopatra and Mark Antony, according to SCA,

Archaeologists searched the three places in Egypt that may contain graves Cleopatra and her lover, Anthony. Excavations carried out near the temple on the west coast of Alexandria which was built during the reign of King Ptolemy II (282-246 BC).

Search team found the tomb of 10 mummies, and tomb of Cleopatra and Anthony suspected buried near the place. Anthony and Cleopatra committed suicide in 30 BC, following the battle of Actium.
They found a half-body statue of Cleopatra and Cleopatra coin with the image. They also found a mask that allegedly belongs to Antony.

"They found some holes in, and they think that Anthony and Cleopatra probably buried in it", according to the Egyptian Supreme Council, as quoted from news.bbc, Wednesday (15 / 4).
Archaeological teams from Egypt and the Dominican Republic has started a survey Taposiris Magna during the last three years.

Hazel Soares

It is never too late to get a bachelor's degree, although Hazel Soares, 94 years old. San Leandro woman this is one of the 500 students who received his bachelor degree at Mills College, a college art of Oakland for women.
"It took a while to get it because I'm awfully busy," said Soares. "Finally I got it, and it made me feel really good."

Born in Richmond, California, in 1915, Soares said he wanted to go to college after graduating from Roosevelt High School in Oakland in 1932.
"Without your assistance, could not go to college," said Soares. "Nevertheless, I never lost my passion for college."

Soares was married twice endowed with six children, and worked as a nurse, as well as the event organizer, before she retired and decided to return to continue her education to achieve her dream college.
She spent six years following the skinny on the Chabot College in Hayward, before pursuing her associate's degree at the age of 85 years. Later she enrolled at Mills College in 2007.
"We were really amazed and very proud of our mom," said Regina Hungerford, Soares youngest child. "The biggest lesson for us is that there is no word old to learn."

At the graduation ceremony, she gets a congratulations from the Chairman of the House Nancy Pelosui as well as a keynote speaker. She also was greeted by cheering classmates, and 40 families who were present. "She's really an incredible inspiration," said Sandeep Brar, who also graduated.
After obtaining a degree, Soares plans to continue working. Armed with knowledge of art history, she hoped to work as a tour guide at the museum, the San Fransiso Bay.

Soares, who has six children, 40 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren are believed to be the world's oldest person to graduate from college.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Nola Ochs graduated from Kansas is the oldest as she graduated from the University Hays State three years ago at the age of 95 years. Ochs, now 98 years old, earned a Master's degree in liberal studies from the University of Fort Hays.

The Underground Human Sacrifice

One place underground ancient ceremony used by the Pre-Columbian civilizations for human sacrifice has been excavated on the coast of northern Peru. Some archaeologists in the capital of Peru, Lima said the findings seemed to increase the strength of existing theories about the ceremony known as the "presentation" by the Moche people, growing agricultural civilization between 100 BC to 800 AD

Brüning Museum Director in Peru and dig leader, Carlos Wester La Torre said the ceremony appeared to be a place through a ritual murder of prisoners of war.Pictures taken at the site showed more than a dozen skulls on the floor of the room.

"There is enormous room for the ceremony or the path that united with other parts of the building which showed the presence of certain figures and also Eli Moche elaborate ceremonial practices such as human sacrifice," said Wester.

Wester team dug 60 meters long corridor that opens into three porticos and five crowns on the pyramid's main archaeological sites.Remaining paintings were found inside the corridor depicts three high priests of their ornaments culture confirms the involvement of political leaders in the ceremony, he said.

Peru is considered as one place in the world, where agriculture was first developed and has hundreds of archaeological sites, including the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu.Inca kingdom was a kingdom located in an area that is now Peru from 1438 until 1533. Inca civilization known as "pre-Columbian", meaning that already existed since before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

During that period, the Inca controlled much of western South America, centered in the Andes mountains until 1533, when the Spanish invaded the country. Atahualpa, which is the last Inca king, also called Sapa Inca, was killed by a Spanish explorer named Francisco Pizarro, which also marks the beginning of the Spanish reign in the area.Inca consists of four tribes. Royal official language is Quechua language, although there are about 700 local languages are used. Inca tribe perform the worship of the gods, with the nucleus as the sun god, which is a leading deity.   

July 27, 2010

5 types of the most dangerous spider

Spiders contribute to countless terrestrial ecosystems. They cleanse the population of harmful insects, plants and animals maintain important. Their silk, are a marvel of nature, and can be used for military and industrial applications for humans. Here are five most deadly spider known to humans.

The Red Back Spider.

Redback spider (Red Back) found all over Australia. Redback females are usually black with traces of red and orange stripes on the back. This spider has a neurotoxic venom, and when the bite can cause muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting and sweating. The most fatal, causing paralysis and death.

The Funnel -Web

Funnel spider-web is also from Australia. Funnel-web males shiny black or brown. This spider when attacked, stand with their hind legs, exposing their tusks. They also have neurotoxic venom and their bites can cause saliva, sweating, seizures, and the tears. Even just by looking at them, you can shed tears.

The Brazilian Wandering.

Brazilian Wandering spider found in South American forests. They are nervous and aggressive. Bite is extremely painful, because they release serotonin into the bloodstream victims. Serotonin can make you die as affected by a drug overdose.

The Brown Recluse

This little spider, has a violin-shaped backs. Brown Recluse Spider venom causes small bump. Bites were also does not hurt, but make no mistake, these small bump, and then will rot and be separated from the victim's body.  

The Black Widows

This spider is probably the most deadly. Shiny black spider is found in North America. Neurotoxic venom when they bite is painless, with two fang marks a clear afterward. Bite symptoms, including stomach and back pain, muscle cramps, abdominal, respiratory failure, high blood pressure, anxiety, and if bitten too long, will cause death.  


Underwater Restaurant

Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is the womb of a country island archipelago of coral reefs located in Hindi Ocean, south of Lakshadweep islands, India. It was located about 700 kilometers or (435 stones) to the southwest of Sri Lanka.
There are 26 coral preached as much as 1.192 womb area of the small islands. However, only about 200 islands are inhabited by humans' sake only. The name of this country comes than words "islands-range of mountains" (malai in Tamil language, intended to "mountain" and teevu in Tamil mean "island"), it's also may mean "a thousand islands." Some scholars believe that the name "Maldives" is taken rather than maladvipa Sanskrit word, meaning to "the composition of the islands", or instead of "Mahila dvipa", intends "island of women". There is also a trusted name meant "palace" (rather than words Mahal in Arabic) following the introduction of Islam in 1153, the island then became a party rather than Portuguese (1558), Netherlands (1654) and British occupiers of property (1887). In 1965, the Maldives, proclaimed its independence rather than Britain, and in 1968, the Sultanate system has been replaced by a Republican. However, throughout 38 years, Maldives has had only two presidents although restrictions have been loosened politics recently.
Maldives is known as "Tropical Paradise" because the beauty of white sand beaches and the country of Sri Lanka which store thousands of historical relics from ancient times.
Maldivian archipelago located 300 miles west of the southern tip of India and 450 miles west of Sri Lanka is a perfect place to go diving. Maldives blue ocean is filled with beautiful marine life. Taking a breath, have never seen coral gardens and multi-colored fish valued by divers as the water is very clear even at about 50 feet from the water surface. Maldives is also said water at a temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius is ideal, to go diving, so that the Maldives is marked on the world map along with other top dive destination.

If you want to see the beauty of the underwater life in the best, then you must plan a trip to the Maldives between December and April. This occurs when the dry season and the Maldives suffered the most tranquil sea. You expected to experience only a mild breeze and very little rainfall. Therefore, the current wave of rough and tough certainly will not break your diving trip.

Every resort in the Maldives have professional dive schools with a staff of qualified instructors. If you're new to diving and do not have a single clue about what to do, then no worries, such as diving schools conduct training courses for beginners in various languages including Chinese, Spanish, Italian and many more. Diving schools are equipped with supplies such as wetsuits, tanks, compressors, BCDs, weights and weight belts plus other accessories such as dive computers and lighting. Some schools provide high standards of underwater cameras and video processing facility.

Enjoying the underwater natural exotica not only be done by diving or snorkeling. Renting a hotel room under the sea can be an alternative for those who have platinum-class lifestyle.
Like what was offered a luxury resort 'Conrad Maldives Rangali Island'. Resort is located in the Maldives Islands juggling underwater restaurant they owned into an exclusive room like a five star hotel room.

Space constructed five feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean that has a design wall and roof forms a 180-degree arch. The architect's deliberate use of opaque materials so that visitors can enjoy fish exotica dance ..... incredible!     

July 26, 2010

Jessica Cox

Where there's a will, there is a way. This maxim is held firmly by Jessica Cox, so she managed to become PILOTS FIRST PROPRIETARY who to fly with her feet.
Jessica Cox, 25 years old, born without arms in Arizona, United States. She can do anything a normal person who can. She can write, driven, type, grab a black belt in tae-kwan-doo, even flying a plane.

When a new study driven, Jessical car modified to be consistent with the limitations. However, after that, Jessica opened all those modifications and drove without it. She holds a Driver's license without exceptions as appropriate, holders of driving licenses else.
At the age of 10 years, Jessica began studying Tae-Kwan Do and she managed to get a black belt when she was 14 years old. She then joined again in Tae-Kwan-Do when she was in college, and managed to get a black belt for the second time.

Falling from a height of 16 floors

I do not know what is being pro-luck New Zealand adolescents aged 15 years. Teenage boy fell from the 16th floor of an apartment building to hit the ground floor made of concrete. He's not dead.
Before the fall, teens responsibility it was playing on the balcony of his family's apartment. The incident took place on Sunday, July 25 local time Monday, July 26 evening.

Teenage boy had a chance to jam the parking garage roof, before eventually falling to the ground floor. He is now in a special treatment at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital after falling from a height of 50 meters.
The result, he suffered a broken arm, broken ribs, injured in the leg, and some internal injuries. Local media reported that the garage roof made of iron and full connectivity was severely damaged.

This incident is very rare to happen. Usually, someone will be difficult to find in a safe condition when falling from high buildings over five floors.

"God must have been with him. He's got a guardian angel. I believe that," said Kaa Whi, a guard who worked in the building at the scene. 


Containers Being Changed Former Health Clinic

Former container boxes that are currently popular (especially outside), it can not only be used as homes and offices, but could also for the health clinic right now.Containers Being Changed Former Health Clinic, is a nonprofit organization that generated the idea to create a clinic of the container used.

Taking advantage of unused containers, and turn it into a clinic, is expected to help the areas that do not have access to health care.
As we all know, the advantage the use of containers other than environmentally friendly because it uses second-hand or unused, these clinics would be more easily removable and does not have to bother anymore to build a new building when moved.

C2C own price reaches U.S. $ 100,000 (about nearly one billion rupiahs), but it already includes all of the container itself and the equipment / medical equipment in it as well as transportation costs.


July 25, 2010

Laughter in War

There's laughter and despair in a war zone, Gaza. Yesterday, Thursday, July 22, 2010, more than seven thousand children in the Gaza Strip-yack dribble a basketball for five minutes without stopping.
They hope that this action could be recorded in a world record, Guinness Book of World Records.

Children from all over the Gaza region was taken by bus to the Gaza International Airport, to attend the event "dribel mass" is.
Event full of optimism was held against the background of the ruined buildings. Gaza International Airport near the town of Rafah has been closed and repeatedly bombed by Israel since 2000. After the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza in 2005, Israeli warships continue to bomb the airport as a target of military exercises.

When the music sounded from the loudspeakers, Gaza children awaiting orders from the committee before the start of each dribble.

A spokesman for the United Nations (UN) - as the organizer of the event - says more 7203 children completed their dribble. It was observed from 200 monitors which exposed the children.
As stated made it through five minutes, bouncing the ball with success reflecting, laughter broke out. Children throw the ball the air as an expression of joy.

This activity is one of the summer camp program for approximately 250 thousand children held by the UN Gaza. UN and Hamas groups periodically hold a summer camp, to compete for the hearts and minds of the successor generation of Gaza.
UN tries to nurture hope for the future which would be better through games and fun activities.

Meanwhile, Hamas organized camper taught the doctrine, and military activities, horseback riding, swimming, and Islamic teachings.
According to Hamas, Gaza approximately 100 thousand children will participate in their camper this year.
Almost half of the 1.5 million Gazans are children under 15 years old.


Tony Blair

Although no longer be Prime Minister (PM), United Kingdom, Tony Blair does not mean privation. Coffers could be increased in number after the status of his wealth as a speaker in many countries.
He's known to make payments almost 400 000 pounds sterling (6,7 billion rupiah) for two speeches, each for 30 minutes. That is, in a matter of a minute he could make money 6000 pounds sterling (101.6 million) just by speaking.
That only happens when Blair spoke in Manila, Philippines, March 23, 2009, not to mention other countries. No wonder if Blair is now the most expensive speakers in the world.

Speaking at the first conference in Manila, Mr Blair received 182 000 pounds sterling (3.08 billion rupiah) for a speech titled "Leaders as Builders Nations in the Era of Globalization '. The amount at least equal the amount received by Mr Blair after giving a lecture' The leader as the main negotiator 'on the same day.
"For the first speech at the University of Ateneo de Malina, Blair gets almost 200 000 euros," said Director of PLDT telecommunications company that sponsored the speech, Blair, Manny Pangilinan Daily Telegraph quoted edition of Sunday, April 5, 2009.

Blair's spokesman denied that Mr Blair has received payment in Euro currency. But the spokesman also did not mention the currency of the wages received by Blair's speech.
During 36 hours in the Philippines, he lived at the residence of the British ambassador. Blair also had lunch with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the Malacanang Palace.

Blair earned it, far outweighs the cost of speech for the former president of the United States (U.S.), Bill Clinton and George W Bush. Clinton gets U.S. $ 100,000 every time the speech until he decided to quit as speaker as his wife, Hillary, was appointed foreign minister of the United States.
Bush also reportedly gets paid the same with Clinton for a speech once.

July 24, 2010

Red Durian

This red fleshy durian, a wild durians, which are found in the forests of Borneo.As with other durian, durian has a prickly skin and a very distinctive aroma of durian and stinging.
What makes it different is the color of red flesh, and most of the durian is consumed by birds.According to information, the taste of this type of durian, durian better than usual ...Has anybody ever tried this durian?


Fungi Bioluminescence

During the rainy season, in some areas in Japan, there is a fungus that can remove the light. Fungi which have names, these fungi bioluminescence, can be issued a green light, because the chemical reaction produced by an enzyme.
This rare phenomenon, scientifically inexplicable yet sufficient, but according to experts, this fungus is believed to remove light to attract insects, so that could spread the spores as a response to survive ......


Caloplaca Obamae

CALIFORNIA - Scientists have discovered a new species of moss. Uniquely, the naming of this moss profiteer last name of U.S. President Barack Obama.
Riverside Museum Head Moss Herbarium, Kerru Knudsen of the University of California, found a new type of lichen is when conducting a survey of plant diversity of algae in the Santa Rosa Island, California in 2007.

"I called it Caloplaca obamae, as my appreciation to the president, because he has supported the world of science," says Knudsen. "When I make a collection of recent research of this moss plants, coinciding with the time last week the Obama campaign in the U.S. Presidential election candidates," he added.
As quoted from Live Science, Friday (4/7/2009), Caloplaca obamae grow on the ground. The current population is nearly extinct because it is threatened by the existence of the farm houses in the Santa Rosa Island, which reached up to 100 land.

"These species can not survive on agricultural land and deer on Santa Rosa Island," says Knudsen. "But with a reduced number of farm houses and deer populations, will help the sustainability of this new species," explains Knudsen.
According to the research, this moss is produced by a fungus and algae living together. There are approximately 17 thousand species of moss around the world, 1,500 species of them are from California. While 300 species of mosses are found in the Santa Rosa Island, this is not surprising, because the moss is apparently native plants that grow in the area.

"The discovery of Caloplaca obamae tells us, that there is a species of lichen and other unique plants at Santa Rosa Island are extinct. The presence of them, probably just have not been known to the world of science, because undefeated by the presence of sheep farming began to flourish in the era of 1850," he concluded . 

July 23, 2010

5 dangerous Association

Religious beliefs and dogmatic tradition, often makes people ideological groups, leading them to isolation from mainstream society and become a secret confidence defensively. They believe themselves to be part of some sacred mission to change the world and spend their lives following the teachings of their leader. This often causes people to move in a closed but has roots that spread throughout the nations. They have their secrets laws and activities that are often hidden from non-members. These organizations make the esoteric doctrine known only to their members, and hidden from ordinary people. So let's look at some of the world's secret societies that formed long ago and most still live and perform their movements secretly.

The Order of Nine Angles (Ona) is a secret organization that Satan appeared among the people of the United Kingdom in the 1980s and 1990s. These communities claim to be followers of Satanism and regard them as an individual who is pursuing to create self superiority and wisdom, by facing challenges and overcoming the limits of physical and mental. Currently, Ona arranged around the secret cells, known as the traditional nexions and within syllables creepy. Ona writings that strange considering the human victims as a way to eliminate the weaknesses and the tribes claim that evil is an important part of a strategy to carry out the mission of evil, more enjoyable way of life, and to disrupt and ultimately conquering the common people.

 Thule Society in Germany. A society that the idea of brotherhood deaths centered on reaching the New World Order is very strange, in simple terms means to kill people, to reduce the population. Members of the public who was in Thule practicing Sexual Magic and Black Magic. Exhibition supernatural Thule Society regularly held, during which they communicated with demons who died, whether men or who only appears as a spirit that guides them. Adolf Hitler joined this society in 1919, under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. Eckhart involving Hitler for the devil ritual magic, which eventually made Hitler was sexually impotent, which is considered as the cause, why Hitler became so sadistic killer.

According to the Wikipedia definition, Freemasonry is a fraternal organization of public spirited, which has existed since the 17th century. Freemasonry's central activities are working in a local charity, or the larger society, but society has a large amount of controversy, and the real secrets are buried in a long history. It has been said that the Masons, claiming that Masonry is open for one of every faith, and that it is a brotherhood to help other Masons. But that's only to attract more people to this community. G symbols used in their signs, literally translated as Masonic gnosis, or generations with Lucifer and God as a main enemy of Christianity. Mason took the oath rather deadly, blood-oath to any degree to 33 degrees. They swear allegiance to the God of Masonry, and country above all else, and under the threat of capital punishment, vowed not to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry - not even told their wives. 

The Order of Skull and Bones, a community of Yale University, originally known as the Brotherhood of Death, and was founded in 1832 by students. These communities are surrounded by conspiracy theories, the most popular is probably the idea that the founders of the CIA is a member of this group. But another truth is more shocking is that, like the others, hiding a dark secret society of evil practices as well. Sexual activities they incorporated into their practices, where they lay naked in a coffin, told them the sexual secrets of the deepest and most dark, as part of their initiation. Like Ona their main objective is the New World Order. Ron Rosenbaum in his writings, also showed that the Bones and the Bavarian Illuminists closely related to each other, providing evidence such as' haunting photographs altar room at one of the Masonic lodges at Nuremberg that is closely associated with Illuminism. "Surprisingly, President Bush is an expert in the United Brotherhood of Yale's Skull and Bones Society. 

Apart from some very famous secret societies of all time, is Rosicrucianism, Order Templis Orientis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The Knights Templar, the Illuminati, Opus Dei and the Priory of Sion 

Assassin,,, is considered the most frightening of all secret societies, who killed each victim regardless of the guards and security personnel. They do cruel murder, against famous people, and feared by the kings, princes, sheikhs and sultans. Most members, beginning a secret group of followers of a branch Nizari Iliyya Isma Shia Muslim sect, and are located mainly in Syria and Persia. Community led by Hasan ibn Sabbah (1034-1124), who created a group of fans, known as the Fedayeen, who did whatever he commanded the blind obedience. They appear as a simple farmer during the day, but became violent and very capable, fighter in the darkness of the night, attacking their victims in the dark. 

Measure the temperature via the sound of crickets

To measure the air temperature, usually people will use a thermometer. If you live in the countryside or a quiet place, trying to do with listening to the crickets.Sound of crickets from the friction created between the wings with some other body parts. Their voices were very distinctive, and clearly heard in an environment which is not too noisy.
Not all crickets can skirl, only male crickets can do that. The voice is like a melodious song, which is sung to attract female crickets.
In addition to good to be heard, rhythmic sound of the crickets are apparently also be used to estimate the temperature outdoors. The more often the sound of crickets is heard, the more heat the ambient temperature at the time.

Quoted from Snopes, Wednesday (07/21/2010), experiments to prove this had started in 1897 by the American physicist, Amos Dolbear. His theory of the thermometer crickets became known as Dolbear's Law.
Many years since the discovery, a formula about the relationship to the crickets and the temperature continues to grow. But among the various existing formulas, the most frequently used are as follows :

To estimate the ambient temperature in Fahrenheit, count the number of sounds of crickets in 14 seconds then add 40. (T = n + 40) ie 30 times the crickets + 40 = 70 degrees Fahrenheit

To estimate the ambient temperature in Fahrenheit, count the number of the sound of crickets in 25 seconds, divided by three, then added 4. (T = (n / 3) + 4) examples: (48 times the sound of crickets / 3) + 4 = 20 degrees Celsius

Above formula proved by Dr. Peggy LeMone, scientists The Globe Program in experiments in 2007, funded by NASA. In his report he concluded that the formula is very close to actual temperature, measured with a thermometer.
But Dr Peggy gave a note, this formula should be used at temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.78 degrees Celsius). Because if it is too cold, usually male crickets are not eager to call the female.

The tradition of cutting fingers

Apakah ungkapan kesedihan yang dipertunjukkan oleh seseorang yang kehilangan anggota keluarganya. Menangis, barang kali itu yang paling sering kita jumpai. Bagi umumnya masyarakat pengunungan tengah dan khususnya masyarakat Wamena ungkapan kesedihan akibat kehilangan salah satu anggota keluarga, tidak hanya dengan menangis saja.

Normally, they would smear themselves with mud for a certain period. But what makes them different cultures with many tribal cultures in other areas are cut off their fingers.

Almost the same as what is done by the Yakuza (the famous hard-line group orangasasi in Japan), if they had violated rules set by the organization or fail to execute their mission. As an expression of remorse, they must cut one of their fingers. For mountian community center, a cut finger is made for any member of the family as husband, wife, father, mother, son, brother, or sister died.
Cutting this finger, symbolizes sorrow and pain when losing a loved family member. The phrase is so profound, even should have lost limbs. For the people of the central mountains, the family has a very important role. For society Balim Jayawijaya togetherness in a family has its own values. Cutting the finger is generally done by women. But do not close the possibility of cutting fingers carried by family members of the parent was male or female. Cutting fingers can also be interpreted as an attempt to prevent the 'repeated' this evil that has claimed the lives of someone in your family who are grieving.  

As long as the story of a mother Moni (a tribe in the area Paniai), she told us that his little finger bitten by her mother when she was born. It had to be done, by the mother, because some children who were born before, always died. With children right pinkie finger decided she'd just given birth, the mother hopes that what happened to the children not previously occurred on the baby. This sounds very eksrim, but the fact is the case, Moni origin woman has been giving a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the mother. 

But now the culture of 'cut the finger' is deprecated. Now rarely encountered people who do that, in recent decades. What remains can we meet today are those who've done it long ago. This is caused by the influence of religion who has signed up to remote areas in Papua.

......Cutting fingers done in various ways. Someone cut a finger by using sharp instruments like knives, machetes or axes. Alternatively, by binding their finger with a rope for some time, so that blood flow is bound to die, then cut......

July 22, 2010

Tree Hotel

A hotel concept tree house was barely visible to open in Sweden, more precisely in a remote area Harads, - about 60 miles north pole circumference.
Hotel is unique, because it is made from mirror glass, which makes its presence barely visible among the tall trees.
Hotel called "Treehotel" is already receiving guests began July 17 ago.

"Treehotel" offers four rooms and a promising view of the foliage at the guests who want to get closer to nature.
The size of each room dubbed Cabin, Blue Cone, Nest, and Mirrorcube vary, ranging from 15 up to 30 square meters. Height of each room vary between four to six meters from the ground and each depends on a single tree trunk.

The four rooms were made of wood and mirrors, and has a heating system in floor space, as well as environment-friendly toilets and water-efficient sink.
Motto "Treehotel" is a 'feel free in a tree' with room rates starting from 3500 the Swedish krona (about Rp4, 3 million) for two people plus breakfast until 4200 the Swedish krona (about Rp 5 million).

"This is an interesting building. We can not find in any hotel of this kind," said the founder of "Treehotel", Kent Lindvall, who assisted his wife and a number of architects to realize the idea of a tree house hotel of this mirror.
"All will be reflected here, the trees, birds, clouds, sun, everything. So the hotel is barely visible in these forests," he continued.

How the fate of birds that were flying over the hotel?Do not worry, a special film that can be detected bird will be posted on the glass wall, so that birds will not be hit.
Locals said that if tourists can not find the existence of the hotel, barely visible means concept successfully promoted successfully.

Although the concept of the tree house is not a new concept, considering that already exist in the Amazon tree house hotels, hotels in Sweden is one of the most extreme hotel. Because it is located in the region in February, was in the air temperature is eleven degrees Celsius. 


5 Most Poisonous Plants

Many people do not know what the plant contains toxic and can be harmful to body. As quoted from HowStuffWorks, there are five most toxic plants known, namely is :

Oleander Nerium oleander plants or regarded as the most poisonous plants in the world. Because of all parts of plants containing toxins and composed of several types of poison. But the most dangerous poisons are oleandrin and neriine can strongly affect the heart.
However this plant is often used as decoration and comes from the Mediterranean region with a high reaching 1.8 to 5.4 meters.
If swallowed leaves that contain these toxins will cause symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, drowsiness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and death. If the victim was helped before 24 hours, the opportunity for high survival. Usually patients are encouraged to throw up by pumping the stomach or eat activated charcoal to absorb poison.

Plants or water hemlock Cicuta maculata is an attractive plant with purple leaves and white striped and small fruit. This crop comes from North America to reach 1.8 meters tall and grow along the banks of rivers, swamps, lowland and wet grassland.
Toxins contained in this plant is called with an existing cicutoxin all plants and most concentrated in the roots. This toxin causes a stiff and painful cramps, nausea, vomiting, cramps and tremors (shaking) muscle. Even if the survivors, from this poison will usually suffer from amnesia.

 Rosary pea plants or seeds of Abrus precatorius are beautiful views with a mix of red and black, so it is often used for jewelry. These seeds contain the toxin abrin and will be dangerous if the seed layer is damaged or scratched. Jewelry makers therefore more susceptible to toxins than the wearer. This plant can reach 20 meters high and spread across countries, mainly tropical country and sub-tropics.
Abrin toxin is more deadly than the ricin, because less than three micrograms of abrin or not until one has enough deadly seed. Symptoms that arise are difficult breathing, fever, nausea, there is fluid in the lungs. If the seeds are ingested can cause nausea, vomiting, dehydration, kidney failure, liver and spleen. Death usually occurs within 3-5 days.

Deadly nightshade or belladonna Atropa, atropine and scopolamine toxic in stems, leaves, fruits and roots. This plant grows as high as 0.6 to 1.2 meters with dark green leaves and purple bell-shaped. The flowers will bloom in mid-summer. Only found in some areas of the world.
Existing toxin can affect the nervous system. In sufficient doses, the toxin will paralyze the nerve endings of muscles, such as blood vessels, heart and gastrointestinal muscle. Symptoms that arise are enlarged or widened pupils, more sensitive to light, blurred vision, headache, confusion and seizures. Swallow these two fruits can kill a child, if the 10-20 pieces, can kill an adult.

Castor bean plant Ricinus communis, or known by the widely cultivated for castor oil and also as an ornamental plant. In fact this plant contain a deadly poison called ricin. This plant was once commonly found in Africa, but now can be found all over the world. This plant grows well in arid regions and does not require any special treatment.
Most of the ricin concentrated in the seed layer, thus taking three seeds of this plant can kill a child. This seed poisoning symptoms are nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, internal bleeding, kidney failure and circulation. Besides the dust in these seeds can also cause allergic reactions such as coughing, muscle pain and difficulty breathing.