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July 31, 2010

Mobile phone, 18 Times More Dirty of Toilet Doors

Many people think that toilet door handles are the most dirty place, because it contains many germs and bacteria that come from the toilet. But, did you know that cell phones or mobile phones, they are dirtier than a toilet door handle?
Researchers analyzed the 30 mobile phones from several different people. The results show that mobile phones contain live bacteria 18 times more than the toilet door handle.
This research is very surprising, because in addition contains 18 times more bacteria than the toilet door, the researchers also found that bacteria that nest on the phone is on 'warning level' of environmental bacteria levels.

A cell phone can be filled with concentrated bacteria, including faecal coliforms bacteria, which can cause indigestion and stomach disorders in a fairly serious.
Although not directly dangerous, but elevated levels of bacteria showed that the phone has poor hygiene. In addition, the phone can also serve as a convenient breeding place for germs more dangerous.
"The level of potentially harmful bacteria on phones already exceeds the normal scale. Mobile phones need to be sterilized," said Jim Francis, Sanitation and Hygiene experts, as reported by the Telegraph.

The results showed how bacteria could reproduce easily, on the surface of the phone and can switch to another person, who holds directly or shake hands with the owner of the phone.
Francis suggested, should be frequently cleaned and sterilized phone with alcohol wipe, ie cleaners that contain some alcohol. This will better protect you from dangerous bacteria that nest on the phone.

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