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October 31, 2010

Brave, persistent and energetic

Cingino dam in the Italian Alps with a towering height of 48.76 meters. The walls are almost vertical 90 degree.

If it was not an ant or lizard, it was not possible to climb a steep field. But, there are also species of mammal that desperate: Alpine Ibex goat species.

Alpine Ibex are a species of wild goat, which lives in the mountains of the Alps, Europe. They do have a habit of sheltering on high ground to protect themselves from predators.

However, climbing the dam, was under-estimated. With full guts, Ibex walk sideways with four legs to climb the stone-walled dams.
With persistent, goat exploit crack rocks to climb, step by step. This scene is amazing, though Ibex never reach the top.

What makes the Ibex is reckless?Surely, they are not risking their lives for the sake of showing off. But to lick the stone wall of the dam that contains salt.

Wow ... amazing, to lick the salt water they came in such a persistent climb a very steep wall of the dam.What about us, humans? Whether for the sake of ideals, courage with FULL PERSISTENCE to get it?

World's longest tunnel

Alps - Switzerland has completed excavation of the world's longest tunnel which lies below the Alps.

Excavation last, for the 10-meter diameter tunnel through the rock had just finished, and was greeted with applause by the workers.Gotthard rail tunnel for this path, it will take 14 years and will be activated at the latest 2016.

This tunnel will be the first transportation revolution across Europe.The north and south will be connected with a network of fast trains that reach 250 kilometers per hour. The journey from Zurich to Milan will be taken only in one half hour.

Projects worth U.S. $ 10.3 billion will accommodate 300 trains per day, below the beautiful mountains. Its length will exceed two of the world's longest tunnel, Seikan in Japan (53.8 km) and the Channel Tunnel in England and France (50 km).

Meeting point of the tunnel was located 2,000 meters below the ground and broadcast live on Swiss national television. There are 2500 workers digging the tunnels and eight of them were killed. But this work should be completed considering Switzerland is an important transportation route.

October 15, 2010

Super-fast cooling

To be able to drink a cold beverage, we usually need to add a few boxes of ice cubes in our drinks, or put our drinks while in the freezer. But it turns out this way is considered too long. For this reason, created new tools that can cool the beverage in just a few seconds.

The tool is named Helter Skelter Drink Chiller, this tool can automatically cools the water with only about 5 seconds without having to add ice in our drinks. How it works is very simple tool, that allow water to flow through the metal side of this tool.

Metal side Helter Skelter Drink Chiller is made of special metal composition, which could cool the water automatically. This tool can even lower the water temperature to 10 degrees Celsius. This unique tool can be found in gadgetshop.com a price of 20 euros.

Adult movie and HIV

Los Angeles - More than six pornographic entertainment company worth billions of dollars in California to stop production because the actors are HIV positive.
Vivid Entertainment Group and Wicked Pictures among companies that announced to stop production as a precaution.

"From the perspective of Vivid, there is no question anymore when we hear this. We immediately shut down production and said, 'let's get the facts and evaluate them before we move forward'," said Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, one of the biggest adult film makerWednesday (13/10).

"Adult entertainment companies act responsibly. And no one wants to see other people with HIV positive during the test, if nothing they could do to stop it," he said.

Actors in the production of Wicked Pictures movies use condoms.But Steve Orenstein, president of the company said, had detained two production plans, it is highly dependent on further HIV test results from a clinic that serves this pornography industry.

PinkVisual Productions are also scheduled to stop production for at least several weeks. Adult Video News reported the cessation of production also occurs in Hustler Video, Digital Playground, Jennaration X Studios, girlfriends Films, and Kick Ass Pictures.

The identity and gender of the actors who are HIV positive has not been released by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), who found the clinic case. The clinic is working to identify and test the on-camera actors partners.

Since its outbreak in 2004, a total of 25 cases of HIV have been found in the AIM clinic. "And at least eight of them are adult movie actress," said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, director of Communicable Diseases from the Ministry of Public Health Los Angeles County.

Local Public Health Officials, has said the lack of widespread use of condoms in porn film set, has put actors at risk of contracting HIV and other diseases. Adult film producer said, viewers assume the use of condoms is distorted.

"We strongly feel that condom use should be requested in this industry. Like the construction worker will not go to the construction site without protective cap. A player must not make an adult film unsafe sexual acts without condoms," said Kim-Farley.

Last year, a woman tested positive for HIV after engaging in adult movies. And in 2004, the HIV outbreak that caused panic in some actors. The industry is forced to shut down production for a while in some studio in California.

In recent years, advocates and health officials have been arguing with a porn producer, and the proponents of free speech on the use of condoms in adult movies.

State officials to work safety in California, now is considering strengthening the rules designed to prevent transmission of disease by requiring the use of condoms in the movie.

The health and safety officials said they had asked the clinic shared work history record of a worker infected with HIV, but the clinics do not meet that demand. Attorneys for the San Fernando Valley clinic said that it was entirely in accordance with the laws of reporting and privacy.

HIV is spread most often not only through sexual intercourse, but is transmitted through sharing needles for drugs, blood products are infected, as well as babies who are breastfed by HIV-infected women.

HIV is the cause of AIDS, immune disease which gradually destroys the body's ability to fight disease.
"Within a month, Vivid spends an average of U.S. $ 250,000 to make four films, which require a total of 12-15 days of shooting," said Hirsch.

Currently, he said, the company has reserves of unreleased films.The coming months will take place without a new film production activities. "And this affects production Vivid film release schedule," he added.

Mark Kernes, senior editor at Adult Video News, said he expects several companies to stop production until the work is known which companies have a relationship with the actor who contracted HIV.

"It is unclear how the sales will be affected by the production schedule of stops, since many companies like Vivid able to maintain sales with a list of titles that have not been released," said Kernes.

Like any other entertainment industry, adult film producers are also affected by the impact of recession and growth of the Internet that allows people to free hijacked an adult movie.

Last year, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis asked for federal assistance amounting to U.S. $ 5 billion, because of DVD sales and rental of adult films fell 22%.

October 14, 2010

Most feared freshwater fish

Candiru, also called canero is a type of freshwater fish in the catfish family. This fish can be found in rivers Oranoco and river Amazon, this fish has a reputation as the most feared fish by the locals, this fish is more in fear than the piranha fish. This fish can only grow to the size of 1 to 2 inches and width 4 to 6 millimeters, have a shape like an eel and nearly transparent, making it almost impossible to be seen in the water. Fish that are fast, strong swimmers, soft and smooth, with sharp teeth.

There are 3 species candiru: candiru sized finger and a toothpick-sized candiru usually eat in a way to enter the larger fish, whales candiru are scavengers who prefer to eat from a dead fish

Fish candiru is a parasite, the modus operandi is very simple and brutal: to find fish, fish candiru first taste of water, trying to find out the flow of water from other fish, knowing where the water flow, the fish will go directly to the crevices fin fish, there are thorns in the head candiru will hurt fish gills and bleed while candiru fish inside the fish. So candiru fish called the vampire fish of Brazil.

This fish is feared because they are attracted to urine or blood, and if someone swimming naked, they will go to crack the anus or vagina, or even if a small fish into the hole the penis - and possibly into the urethra). When this happens, the fish candirú, very difficult to be taken back except through surgery. Because these fish find their prey by following the flow of water from the gills to its source, urinating while swimming increases the likelihood candirú into the human urethra.How to kill this fish is the traditional treatment, with water from two plants: Xagua, and apple Buitach, which is inserted into the affected area. The second plant will dissolve the fish. It can also be through surgery, but the operation cost and time. More often, infection causes shock and death of the victim before candiru can be taken.

Drinking coffee and colon cancer

It has a habit of drinking coffee, but worried about side effects? A study brings good news for you, that revealed, the intake of coffee and a sweet soda drinks probably will not increase the risk of colon cancer.

Previous studies differ on the effects of coffee and tea consumption on cancer. Meanwhile, sweet fizzy drinks linked to obesity and other conditions thought to increase cancer risk.

In a review study that was released in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researcher Dr. Xuehong Zhang and his team of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, studied 13 studies from North America and Europe. Overall, the study was studying the 730 thousand participants, that 5600 of them later underwent colon cancer.

Consuming more than six cups of coffee, as much as 8 ounces or 227 grams do not have a higher risk of colon cancer. Or, taking more than 18 ounces or 510 grams of soft drinks, although the authors emphasized the possibility of too few participants in the study which will probably result in different conditions.

Researchers reveal, these results are not much influenced by factors such as gender, smoking habits or alcohol consumption.

There is a possibility, an increased risk of colon cancer in heavy tea drinkers who consume more than four cups of non-herbal tea about 8 ounces or 227 grams per day. However, not many people who have a habit of drinking tea that much. Researchers emphasize the need for further research.

Commenting on this, researchers from the Arizona Cancer Center said, in contrast to coffee and tea consumption, intake of sweet soda that began in childhood in various countries.

Furthermore, it is usually sweetened beverages less frequently consumed by adults. These differences should underlie research on soft drinks sweetened at a younger age if you want to know the effects to health, in a statement.

October 11, 2010

Identification with a unique ear shape

The uniqueness of each human ear shape was very useful. In the future, the body that rarely noticed it believed could replace the role of fingerprints to identify a person's identity.

According to research at the University of Southampton, the shape of the ear on each individual is unique. Therefore, Prof. Mark Nixon who was involved in the study were also developing tools to recognize the uniqueness of these sensors.

In the future, sensors mounted face or retina at the airport will be replaced with sensors form ears. For all this time, a sensor to recognize faces and retinas have many shortcomings assessed.

Sensor face for example, will be even less accurate when the effects of aging begin to deliver the lines wrinkles on the face. In addition, these sensors can only recognize a neutral expression and difficult to recognize faces that are make-up.

Likewise, the sensors of the retina, in fact still have a weakness though is more accurate than the sensor face. The retina can only be identified from very close range, so that made it less practical for use in the centers of the crowd.

"The ear is more secure from the effects of aging and large enough to be recognized from a distance. Because the perfectly formed at birth, the ears did not experience any changes in a lifetime, "said Prof. Nixon was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Sunday (10/10/2010).

Although only in the test phase, biometric sensor design Prof. Nixon has shown satisfactory results. We tried to identify the ear at 252, the resulting accuracy is 99 percent.

Trial results have also been in the percentage in the event the Fourth International Conference on Biometrics held recently.

October 10, 2010

The SkyPark Sands

The SkyPark Sands is a result of outstanding work. This unique structural masterpiece, designed by visionary architect Moshe Safdie, stretching over three Marina Bay Sands hotel tower with a height of 200 meters.

Its length is slightly higher than the Eiffel tower height, or about four and a half times the size of the A380 Jumbo Jets, with an area of 12,400 square meters in an impressive, SkyPark Sands can accommodate up to 3900 people. Gravity-defying cantilever is one of the largest of its kind in the world. From a special deck, hundreds of visitors at a time together to indulge their eyes with an unforgettable panorama.

One of the most impressive in SkyPark is a swimming pool, at Sky Park, you can swim at an altitude of 200 meters from ground level while enjoying the atmosphere of Singapore city from a height.

A Cars without driver by Google

What if we have to ride a car without driving, this is the concept developed by Google. Cars that can run itself automatically, without having a driver. Google's engineers had to test car driven automatically in the streets of California. The cars were using the camera on its roof, radar sensors, and lasers to see other traffic users, as announced Google software engineer, Sebastian Thrun.

Indeed there are still drivers who are trained in the car, and also a software expert, who is ready to take over control if necessary.Goggle hope that their cars will be going to reduce traffic density and reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

n the company's official blog, Thrun said the cars that run alone has so far been explored 140 000 miles of streets. They also have crossed the bridge of San Francisco's, Golden Gate, to overcome the up and down the street, across from a Google office to another office, and around Lake Tahoe in one go.

Told The New York Times, the engineers said that travel at high speed roads are generally trouble-free, except for one car was hit from behind at a red light. Travel lane of cars was already planned and maps prepared by the driver while the police got the information first.

Thrun citing figures from the World Health Organization, WHO, which showed more than 1.2 million people were killed on the highway every year in the world, and that number should be reduced. "We believe our technology has the potential to reduce it, perhaps by half."

"This project is still in experimental stage, but provides a view of how transportation in the future and it is possible because of advanced computer science. The future is very encouraging, "he said. Google recently rapidly expanded outward from its core business search system on the internet. The industry is now paying attention to the service location, via Google Maps and Google Street View.

October 8, 2010

Watch a 3D TV without glasses

Daily Yomiuri Shimbun, reported the Japanese electronics giant Toshiba will introduce 2 models of TV that can display 3D effects without using glasses. According to the report, the company has developed a method of radiation from various angles to create the stereoscopic effect. This technology will reportedly work on the corner of viewers regardless of where they see the TV screen.This television will cost several thousand dollars. The company is already launched their TV 3D glasses earlier this year, but a lot of complaints from their customers who claim that their glasses make eye irritation.

The world's first 3D TV that without using special glasses (3D), has been launched by Toshiba which is crystal high definition television in the 3D view. Tokyo-based company hopes this could be a breakthrough with the launch of 3D TV. The REGZA GL1 TV Series that combine digital images with a double convex sheet to create images full of depth from any angle by using parallax.

October 7, 2010

The Modern Ghost Town

Ghost town ...In our mind would have imagined a city destroyed by natural disaster, war or other. But how, if there is a city full of tall buildings, artistic sculptures and also the wide roads and slippery (the city with modern design)? However, the city was very quiet with people or vehicles passing by ..

We'll talk about the Ordos, a city rich in coal mining in Mongolia.One of the district, Kangbashi known as a modern ghost town.Kangbashi designed to have more than 1 million people but still completely empty after the project was launched in 2004.

In six years, the authority has spent about $ 2.6 billion to transform the area into a postmodern metropolis with government tower, skyscraper museum, library, theater box sculptures, and luxury homes.

Despite the fact that almost all the infrastructure is complete, lack of schools, hospitals, taxis, high speed internet, cable TV and entertainment facilities, so that people become desperate to join in Kangbashi.

October 6, 2010

Google TV

Google TV will coming soon. The search giant has reportedly signed a contract with media companies and also the internet to supply the content of these digital TV services.

Quoted by Reuters on Thursday (10/07/2010), a company that has agreed to establish cooperation for Google TV shows including NBC Universal, including CNBC, HBO Time Warner and Amazon.

Others, cable networks company Turner Broadcasting, said Google is currently working to optimize a few websites to be viewed on Google TV, including CNN and Cartoon Network.

While NBC Universal will present access to CNBC financial news shows, and HBO will also be presenting a variety of impressions that are not less interesting.

What about Amazon? Video On Demand service it offers access to more than 75 video titles that can be rented or purchased.There is also offering a service Netflix watch unlimited TV shows and movies instantly.

"We also work with news sites like The New York Times and microblogging service Twitter," Google added in their statement.

Just for information, Google TV presence will be more complete, the Google TV will be launched in the near future. Sony and Logitech remote was already declared their readiness to welcome the service.

The Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral is a Protestant Christian church that is super big in Garden Grove, Orange County, California, United States. The church is crowned as the world's largest glass building. the architect, Philip Johnson built this church to use more than 10,000 panes of glass. This church is very big, so able to accommodate up to 2900 pilgrims.

Name Crystal Cathedral, also taken in terms of building a church that is almost the sides are made of sparkling glass, so it looks like crystal.

Glass panels fitted with square-shaped interconnected, it is meant for these buildings can withstand earthquakes up to the power of 8.0 on the Richter scale.

Pink Dolphins..

Pink dolphins, are rare freshwater species, dolphins that make their home in the Amazon River. Beautiful and smart (their brains 40 percent larger than humans), they are the largest among the four species of dolphins are known in the stream.Unfortunately, they are also endangered because of pollution, catching too many fish, and the destruction of their natural habitat.According to National Geographic, about 100,000 of them remain.

Flammable Ice in China

Today China announced the discovery of 350 billion ton of pure Flammable Ice (or better known as Gas Hydrate)
This fuel would be on full production by 2019. China is the third country in the world after Canada and U.S.A to discover Flammable Ice. The fuel is said to be able to last the entire Canada population for the next two hundred years.
Flammable Ice is formed by highly pressured water and natural gas under very extreme low temperature over thousand of years. Flammable Ice is easy to combust and does not emit any impurities when burned.

Microsoft-Windows Phone 7

Buzz word on when Windows 7 Phone launched finally got an official answer from Microsoft. The company, based in Redmond, Washington, United States (U.S.) confirmed it will release the newest mobile OS on October 11, 2010.

Previously, Microsoft really had reported that Windows 7 Phone will glide around October or November, but without giving a definite release date details. Quoted from Softpedia, Monday (10/04), in its website, Microsoft said that Windows 7 Phone will be introduced at a Microsoft event in New York, which took place at the Microsoft Technology Center.

Previous rumors, there is also speculated, that Microsoft is also preparing the launch of Windows 7 Phone in Europe, namely in London, England, whose time is close to launching in the U.S..Another interesting detail, the Microsoft web mentioned also that the operator T-Mobile will be present at the event, not AT & T as the bustling heralded over the years.

As for Indonesia, Microsoft make sure, the launch of Windows 7 Phone in Indonesia will be conducted at the end of November. This was disclosed by Sutanto Hartono, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, in Jakarta, yesterday evening. The plan, Microsoft will first launch the Windows 7 Phone on October 11 in New York.After that followed the end of the month to Europe and the United States in early November.

Sutanto admit, Microsoft was left in the competition in this sector of mobile devices. In this market, Apple, Android, and BlackBerry are rampant. "So now we want to push anymore," he said.Windows 7 Phone is the successor generation operating system Windows Mobile. For this new system, Microsoft instill the ability to integrate with Xbox Live (networking community of Xbox game console users) and Zune (multimedia player).

However, according to some writers in the technology news site, has ever tested a Windows-based handset Phone 7, one thing is lacking in the operating system, is can not do tethering. Not yet certain whether this feature will be embedded on the phone that was launched later.

Tethering is an effort to make the phone as a modem, to be used by the computer to access the Internet. Android and Palm support this feature. iPhone also, although the service will be charged extra by the operator. Windows 7 Phone mulitasking limited support, such as playing music while running the application.Though some competitors already supports full multitasking.

October 5, 2010

Anti-stress plants

South African society has a habit of chewing certain plants to reduce hunger and improve mood. Plants were so sought after research scientist. What the plants is it?

For hundreds of years, indigenous South African plant chewed called sceletium tortuosum. Society revealed that these plants can reduce stress, hunger, soothe and can improve mood.

This plant is known in South Africa as Kanna, Channa or Kougoed that has been used by San communities to reduce hunger, thirst, fatigue, sedative and hypnotic effects. This plant can be chewed, made into a tea or smoked.

Ben-Erik Van Wyk, a professor of botany and plant biotechnology from the University of Johannesburg said that he has conducted research on these plants and found no adverse effects or dependency of this plant.

"When the plant is chewed, the plant will give a little attack on the head that is similar to the effects of smoking," says Van Wyk, as quoted by FoxNews, Tuesday (05/10/2010).

Van Wyk said, anyone who has been chewing this plant will experience a different sensation and know that something is happening. Often, traditional medicine is despised as old-fashioned and outdated drugs, but these products can be cultivated.

"Products containing these plants can be useful for people who every day have a stress at work, feeling a little anxious with the social, tense or a bad mood," said Nigel Gerickle, research director of HGH Pharmaceuticals.

For that, at this time, investigators were collecting scientific data from these plants, so that later crops can be made pill containing plant extracts and can be sold throughout the world.
But until now these products have not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, the United States. But this product is expected to be launched in 2011.

October 4, 2010

La Mano del Desierto

The last thing you expect to find in the middle of the driest desert on Earth is a work of art. But that's what you're gong to see, if you had to travel through the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Hand of the Desert (La Mano del Desierto) is a statue of 11-feet-high, in the form of hand, rose from the desert. Mano de Desierto is the work of Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, built in the early 1980s. This is financed by a local booster organization called Corporacion Pro Antofagasta.

"The hand rose from the sand" is very common theme in Mr. Irarrázabal work and he has two other similar statues big in the U.S. and Uruguay. We'll add them both to the list of weirdness, pretty soon.

The Rock Village..

Kandovan is the only village that was built entirely of stone, all the houses in the village are built of stone, stone that even 7 centuries old! Unique city of stone is located between the city Osku and Tabriz. The only hotel in this place is The Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel. The second most unique hotels in the world under the sole hotel from Cave of Turkey.

According to legend, the city population was first come, to escape pursuit by the Mongolian army. They run and dig hiding, in the volcanic rock cliffs and stay there, until even the danger had passed.Place initially as a hiding place developed into homes complete with kitchens, bathrooms, even a family gathering place. The houses in these villages using a glass with beautiful colors to the windows of their homes.

Once you approach the city Kandovan Osku or Tabriz, you will be greeted with a great view of the green leaves of trees, so you'll forget that you are in Iran is barren and dry. Closer and closer, you will be charmed by the unique form of house is incredibly beautiful.

In every part of this city, there are various signs that offer a visit to one house with certain costs. Several houses have been converted into stables or aviary. But a lot of houses completely untouched by modernization, make you nostalgic atmosphere of life will carry over 7 centuries ago.

Population Kandovan profession mostly farmers or herders Lamb, but the source of their income comes from tourism. They realize the great potential of their ancient homes and begin to learn to live together with the travelers from all over the world.

Visitors can choose to sleep in Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel 5 star, and is located in the center of the village, or in one of resident's house, provided you can speak of Persia. Along the river, which divides the village from the rock, there are many cafes, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of cold juice Zam-zam, with gentle breezes, the scent of roses filled with fragrance.

October 3, 2010

Spraying perfume

Confused why your perfume does not last long? Maybe you make a mistake when you spray.
Common mistakes in spraying perfume is, to do so after dressing. In addition, there are parts that must be sprayed by perfume for long lasting perfume. Here are the parts of the body and how to use, as quoted from Carefair:

Spray perfume on both the hands (wrists), but do not scrub them after spraying perfume. This would eliminate the smell of perfume.

Spray a little on the neck unless you want to create a scent that is very sharp.

Rear Ears:
Spray a little perfume to the end of the index finger, and dab on the back of your ears.

Between Chest:
Spray a little in this section, the same as when you do it in the neck.

Rear Knee:
Because the scent of perfume would respond better in areas with warm, then the back of the knee is an ideal location to keep the smell of perfume.

October 2, 2010

Planets like earth

According to BBC news, astronomers have been imposing an extrasolar planet like Earth that may be capable of supporting life.

The planet, called Gliese 581g is located about 20 light-years in Zon star "Goldilocks." The temperature of the surface area to allow the realization of water.
Their findings made by the Keck telescope in Hawaii.

Investigators from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) and the Carnegie Institution of Washington, has studied the movement of planets parent star, a red dwarf called Gliese 581, for 11 years.
Their observations have been exposing a number of exoplanets revolve around the star.

"Our discovery shows a very interesting thing for potentially habitable planets," said Steven Vogt, an astronomer at UCSC.
But unlike the earth, it has one side that always faces the sun and the other side kept in the dark. So between both sides, in between shadows and light, may be a region where life has the potential to grow.