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October 14, 2010

Drinking coffee and colon cancer

It has a habit of drinking coffee, but worried about side effects? A study brings good news for you, that revealed, the intake of coffee and a sweet soda drinks probably will not increase the risk of colon cancer.

Previous studies differ on the effects of coffee and tea consumption on cancer. Meanwhile, sweet fizzy drinks linked to obesity and other conditions thought to increase cancer risk.

In a review study that was released in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researcher Dr. Xuehong Zhang and his team of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, studied 13 studies from North America and Europe. Overall, the study was studying the 730 thousand participants, that 5600 of them later underwent colon cancer.

Consuming more than six cups of coffee, as much as 8 ounces or 227 grams do not have a higher risk of colon cancer. Or, taking more than 18 ounces or 510 grams of soft drinks, although the authors emphasized the possibility of too few participants in the study which will probably result in different conditions.

Researchers reveal, these results are not much influenced by factors such as gender, smoking habits or alcohol consumption.

There is a possibility, an increased risk of colon cancer in heavy tea drinkers who consume more than four cups of non-herbal tea about 8 ounces or 227 grams per day. However, not many people who have a habit of drinking tea that much. Researchers emphasize the need for further research.

Commenting on this, researchers from the Arizona Cancer Center said, in contrast to coffee and tea consumption, intake of sweet soda that began in childhood in various countries.

Furthermore, it is usually sweetened beverages less frequently consumed by adults. These differences should underlie research on soft drinks sweetened at a younger age if you want to know the effects to health, in a statement.

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