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October 6, 2010

Microsoft-Windows Phone 7

Buzz word on when Windows 7 Phone launched finally got an official answer from Microsoft. The company, based in Redmond, Washington, United States (U.S.) confirmed it will release the newest mobile OS on October 11, 2010.

Previously, Microsoft really had reported that Windows 7 Phone will glide around October or November, but without giving a definite release date details. Quoted from Softpedia, Monday (10/04), in its website, Microsoft said that Windows 7 Phone will be introduced at a Microsoft event in New York, which took place at the Microsoft Technology Center.

Previous rumors, there is also speculated, that Microsoft is also preparing the launch of Windows 7 Phone in Europe, namely in London, England, whose time is close to launching in the U.S..Another interesting detail, the Microsoft web mentioned also that the operator T-Mobile will be present at the event, not AT & T as the bustling heralded over the years.

As for Indonesia, Microsoft make sure, the launch of Windows 7 Phone in Indonesia will be conducted at the end of November. This was disclosed by Sutanto Hartono, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, in Jakarta, yesterday evening. The plan, Microsoft will first launch the Windows 7 Phone on October 11 in New York.After that followed the end of the month to Europe and the United States in early November.

Sutanto admit, Microsoft was left in the competition in this sector of mobile devices. In this market, Apple, Android, and BlackBerry are rampant. "So now we want to push anymore," he said.Windows 7 Phone is the successor generation operating system Windows Mobile. For this new system, Microsoft instill the ability to integrate with Xbox Live (networking community of Xbox game console users) and Zune (multimedia player).

However, according to some writers in the technology news site, has ever tested a Windows-based handset Phone 7, one thing is lacking in the operating system, is can not do tethering. Not yet certain whether this feature will be embedded on the phone that was launched later.

Tethering is an effort to make the phone as a modem, to be used by the computer to access the Internet. Android and Palm support this feature. iPhone also, although the service will be charged extra by the operator. Windows 7 Phone mulitasking limited support, such as playing music while running the application.Though some competitors already supports full multitasking.

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