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October 7, 2010

The Modern Ghost Town

Ghost town ...In our mind would have imagined a city destroyed by natural disaster, war or other. But how, if there is a city full of tall buildings, artistic sculptures and also the wide roads and slippery (the city with modern design)? However, the city was very quiet with people or vehicles passing by ..

We'll talk about the Ordos, a city rich in coal mining in Mongolia.One of the district, Kangbashi known as a modern ghost town.Kangbashi designed to have more than 1 million people but still completely empty after the project was launched in 2004.

In six years, the authority has spent about $ 2.6 billion to transform the area into a postmodern metropolis with government tower, skyscraper museum, library, theater box sculptures, and luxury homes.

Despite the fact that almost all the infrastructure is complete, lack of schools, hospitals, taxis, high speed internet, cable TV and entertainment facilities, so that people become desperate to join in Kangbashi.

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