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October 8, 2010

Watch a 3D TV without glasses

Daily Yomiuri Shimbun, reported the Japanese electronics giant Toshiba will introduce 2 models of TV that can display 3D effects without using glasses. According to the report, the company has developed a method of radiation from various angles to create the stereoscopic effect. This technology will reportedly work on the corner of viewers regardless of where they see the TV screen.This television will cost several thousand dollars. The company is already launched their TV 3D glasses earlier this year, but a lot of complaints from their customers who claim that their glasses make eye irritation.

The world's first 3D TV that without using special glasses (3D), has been launched by Toshiba which is crystal high definition television in the 3D view. Tokyo-based company hopes this could be a breakthrough with the launch of 3D TV. The REGZA GL1 TV Series that combine digital images with a double convex sheet to create images full of depth from any angle by using parallax.

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