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October 10, 2010

A Cars without driver by Google

What if we have to ride a car without driving, this is the concept developed by Google. Cars that can run itself automatically, without having a driver. Google's engineers had to test car driven automatically in the streets of California. The cars were using the camera on its roof, radar sensors, and lasers to see other traffic users, as announced Google software engineer, Sebastian Thrun.

Indeed there are still drivers who are trained in the car, and also a software expert, who is ready to take over control if necessary.Goggle hope that their cars will be going to reduce traffic density and reduce the rate of traffic accidents.

n the company's official blog, Thrun said the cars that run alone has so far been explored 140 000 miles of streets. They also have crossed the bridge of San Francisco's, Golden Gate, to overcome the up and down the street, across from a Google office to another office, and around Lake Tahoe in one go.

Told The New York Times, the engineers said that travel at high speed roads are generally trouble-free, except for one car was hit from behind at a red light. Travel lane of cars was already planned and maps prepared by the driver while the police got the information first.

Thrun citing figures from the World Health Organization, WHO, which showed more than 1.2 million people were killed on the highway every year in the world, and that number should be reduced. "We believe our technology has the potential to reduce it, perhaps by half."

"This project is still in experimental stage, but provides a view of how transportation in the future and it is possible because of advanced computer science. The future is very encouraging, "he said. Google recently rapidly expanded outward from its core business search system on the internet. The industry is now paying attention to the service location, via Google Maps and Google Street View.

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