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October 6, 2010

Google TV

Google TV will coming soon. The search giant has reportedly signed a contract with media companies and also the internet to supply the content of these digital TV services.

Quoted by Reuters on Thursday (10/07/2010), a company that has agreed to establish cooperation for Google TV shows including NBC Universal, including CNBC, HBO Time Warner and Amazon.

Others, cable networks company Turner Broadcasting, said Google is currently working to optimize a few websites to be viewed on Google TV, including CNN and Cartoon Network.

While NBC Universal will present access to CNBC financial news shows, and HBO will also be presenting a variety of impressions that are not less interesting.

What about Amazon? Video On Demand service it offers access to more than 75 video titles that can be rented or purchased.There is also offering a service Netflix watch unlimited TV shows and movies instantly.

"We also work with news sites like The New York Times and microblogging service Twitter," Google added in their statement.

Just for information, Google TV presence will be more complete, the Google TV will be launched in the near future. Sony and Logitech remote was already declared their readiness to welcome the service.

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