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October 31, 2010

World's longest tunnel

Alps - Switzerland has completed excavation of the world's longest tunnel which lies below the Alps.

Excavation last, for the 10-meter diameter tunnel through the rock had just finished, and was greeted with applause by the workers.Gotthard rail tunnel for this path, it will take 14 years and will be activated at the latest 2016.

This tunnel will be the first transportation revolution across Europe.The north and south will be connected with a network of fast trains that reach 250 kilometers per hour. The journey from Zurich to Milan will be taken only in one half hour.

Projects worth U.S. $ 10.3 billion will accommodate 300 trains per day, below the beautiful mountains. Its length will exceed two of the world's longest tunnel, Seikan in Japan (53.8 km) and the Channel Tunnel in England and France (50 km).

Meeting point of the tunnel was located 2,000 meters below the ground and broadcast live on Swiss national television. There are 2500 workers digging the tunnels and eight of them were killed. But this work should be completed considering Switzerland is an important transportation route.

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