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October 31, 2010

Brave, persistent and energetic

Cingino dam in the Italian Alps with a towering height of 48.76 meters. The walls are almost vertical 90 degree.

If it was not an ant or lizard, it was not possible to climb a steep field. But, there are also species of mammal that desperate: Alpine Ibex goat species.

Alpine Ibex are a species of wild goat, which lives in the mountains of the Alps, Europe. They do have a habit of sheltering on high ground to protect themselves from predators.

However, climbing the dam, was under-estimated. With full guts, Ibex walk sideways with four legs to climb the stone-walled dams.
With persistent, goat exploit crack rocks to climb, step by step. This scene is amazing, though Ibex never reach the top.

What makes the Ibex is reckless?Surely, they are not risking their lives for the sake of showing off. But to lick the stone wall of the dam that contains salt.

Wow ... amazing, to lick the salt water they came in such a persistent climb a very steep wall of the dam.What about us, humans? Whether for the sake of ideals, courage with FULL PERSISTENCE to get it?

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