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October 15, 2010

Adult movie and HIV

Los Angeles - More than six pornographic entertainment company worth billions of dollars in California to stop production because the actors are HIV positive.
Vivid Entertainment Group and Wicked Pictures among companies that announced to stop production as a precaution.

"From the perspective of Vivid, there is no question anymore when we hear this. We immediately shut down production and said, 'let's get the facts and evaluate them before we move forward'," said Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, one of the biggest adult film makerWednesday (13/10).

"Adult entertainment companies act responsibly. And no one wants to see other people with HIV positive during the test, if nothing they could do to stop it," he said.

Actors in the production of Wicked Pictures movies use condoms.But Steve Orenstein, president of the company said, had detained two production plans, it is highly dependent on further HIV test results from a clinic that serves this pornography industry.

PinkVisual Productions are also scheduled to stop production for at least several weeks. Adult Video News reported the cessation of production also occurs in Hustler Video, Digital Playground, Jennaration X Studios, girlfriends Films, and Kick Ass Pictures.

The identity and gender of the actors who are HIV positive has not been released by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), who found the clinic case. The clinic is working to identify and test the on-camera actors partners.

Since its outbreak in 2004, a total of 25 cases of HIV have been found in the AIM clinic. "And at least eight of them are adult movie actress," said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, director of Communicable Diseases from the Ministry of Public Health Los Angeles County.

Local Public Health Officials, has said the lack of widespread use of condoms in porn film set, has put actors at risk of contracting HIV and other diseases. Adult film producer said, viewers assume the use of condoms is distorted.

"We strongly feel that condom use should be requested in this industry. Like the construction worker will not go to the construction site without protective cap. A player must not make an adult film unsafe sexual acts without condoms," said Kim-Farley.

Last year, a woman tested positive for HIV after engaging in adult movies. And in 2004, the HIV outbreak that caused panic in some actors. The industry is forced to shut down production for a while in some studio in California.

In recent years, advocates and health officials have been arguing with a porn producer, and the proponents of free speech on the use of condoms in adult movies.

State officials to work safety in California, now is considering strengthening the rules designed to prevent transmission of disease by requiring the use of condoms in the movie.

The health and safety officials said they had asked the clinic shared work history record of a worker infected with HIV, but the clinics do not meet that demand. Attorneys for the San Fernando Valley clinic said that it was entirely in accordance with the laws of reporting and privacy.

HIV is spread most often not only through sexual intercourse, but is transmitted through sharing needles for drugs, blood products are infected, as well as babies who are breastfed by HIV-infected women.

HIV is the cause of AIDS, immune disease which gradually destroys the body's ability to fight disease.
"Within a month, Vivid spends an average of U.S. $ 250,000 to make four films, which require a total of 12-15 days of shooting," said Hirsch.

Currently, he said, the company has reserves of unreleased films.The coming months will take place without a new film production activities. "And this affects production Vivid film release schedule," he added.

Mark Kernes, senior editor at Adult Video News, said he expects several companies to stop production until the work is known which companies have a relationship with the actor who contracted HIV.

"It is unclear how the sales will be affected by the production schedule of stops, since many companies like Vivid able to maintain sales with a list of titles that have not been released," said Kernes.

Like any other entertainment industry, adult film producers are also affected by the impact of recession and growth of the Internet that allows people to free hijacked an adult movie.

Last year, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis asked for federal assistance amounting to U.S. $ 5 billion, because of DVD sales and rental of adult films fell 22%.

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