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July 31, 2010

Want to get married at the age of 107 years?

Commotion in China! A very old grandmother, 107 years, finally decided to get married for the first time in her life. But when she was young, she refused to marry, for fear, because they feel unprepared. Now when she was growing dusk, before she expressed readiness for fostering households. It was reported in Chinese newspapers.

Reportedly, Wang Guiying, so this unique grandmother's name, is now looking for a man interested in marrying her. She hopes to get a husband younger than herself, between 90 or 100 years earlier. Besides she now feels ready to get married, she is also worried about the burden of her nephew, especially since she broke her leg at the age of 102 years, making stops doing household chores.
Wang was born in southern Guizhou province, when young, very scared to get married, because she saw her uncle who treat trauma their wives, very bad. Not only that, she often found domestic life in the region of 'horrible', in which a husband treat their wife so haphazardly.

In the era of the young Wang, social position of women is much lower compared to men, then, the sight of torturing wife's husband, was common at that time. This caused a prolonged trauma in the life of Wang who finally refused to marry.
But now times have changed. Women equal rights and equal with men. More than that she needed a companion in her old age.

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