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July 22, 2010

Tree Hotel

A hotel concept tree house was barely visible to open in Sweden, more precisely in a remote area Harads, - about 60 miles north pole circumference.
Hotel is unique, because it is made from mirror glass, which makes its presence barely visible among the tall trees.
Hotel called "Treehotel" is already receiving guests began July 17 ago.

"Treehotel" offers four rooms and a promising view of the foliage at the guests who want to get closer to nature.
The size of each room dubbed Cabin, Blue Cone, Nest, and Mirrorcube vary, ranging from 15 up to 30 square meters. Height of each room vary between four to six meters from the ground and each depends on a single tree trunk.

The four rooms were made of wood and mirrors, and has a heating system in floor space, as well as environment-friendly toilets and water-efficient sink.
Motto "Treehotel" is a 'feel free in a tree' with room rates starting from 3500 the Swedish krona (about Rp4, 3 million) for two people plus breakfast until 4200 the Swedish krona (about Rp 5 million).

"This is an interesting building. We can not find in any hotel of this kind," said the founder of "Treehotel", Kent Lindvall, who assisted his wife and a number of architects to realize the idea of a tree house hotel of this mirror.
"All will be reflected here, the trees, birds, clouds, sun, everything. So the hotel is barely visible in these forests," he continued.

How the fate of birds that were flying over the hotel?Do not worry, a special film that can be detected bird will be posted on the glass wall, so that birds will not be hit.
Locals said that if tourists can not find the existence of the hotel, barely visible means concept successfully promoted successfully.

Although the concept of the tree house is not a new concept, considering that already exist in the Amazon tree house hotels, hotels in Sweden is one of the most extreme hotel. Because it is located in the region in February, was in the air temperature is eleven degrees Celsius. 


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