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July 29, 2010

Candy-fueled rocket

Chewing gum or candy is a preoccupation, especially for children. Almost all the boys love it. But unexpectedly, the candy is now able to be a rocket fuel. Were the scientists from the University of Hertfordshire, England, who recently found it.

This discovery began in 2005, when the university began a program of rocket-fueled rocket until candy created successfully. This rocket has a speed of up to 1200 miles per hour that can undertake only within three seconds.
Although still a preliminary findings, this rocket has attracted the attention of many circles. The proof was the longest rocket sized four meters, the chance to appear in The Times Magazine in late August. Not only that, the rocket fuel candy, also never fly as high as 8,000 feet, equivalent to 2.4 kilometers in the sky of Scotland, at the International Rocket Week event.

"We do not want to suggest that corporate jet maker, and the rocket began to think to use sugars as their rocket fuel. But, they can think of alternative fuels more environmentally friendly," said Ray Wilkinson, a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, as quoted Sciencedaily.com site.  

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