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July 29, 2010

Karina Oakley

LONDON - two-year-old girl, has the intellectual intelligence (IQ) reached 160 points. Karina Oakley from Guildford, Surrey, England, is the youngest member of Mensa, a group of people who have a high IQ.
She was able to recall the words and sentences of foreign language even though only one time listen. Karina is also able to count and write fluently. Karina IQ was 60 points above the UK average.

Child psychologist, Professor Jean Freeman praised Karina, for having the grace of God with an amazing imagination.
Karina's father was a computer programmer. Meanwhile, Karina's mother, Charlotte Fraser (36) revealed, her daughter play and dress like other girls.
"I do not predict the results of IQ," she said, quoted by The Sun.

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