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July 29, 2010

Giugiaro Quaranta taksi

A concept car at auto show on display only, usually always make us pessimistic, because it is impossible to be able to see it on the road.
However, Giugiaro Quaranta, who had introduced a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, mat-year 2008 and then, finally able to realize its concept car the highway production.

And want to know what kind of results? As reported by Topspeed on Friday (05/07/2010) they have decided to bring car production Giugiaro Quaranta concept at a taxi!
And it's really happening in Rome. Although only doing their job as a car commercial in a few days, but still a stunning news.
In addition to the sporty and futuristic design, Quaranta Taxi artificial hybrid engine powered by Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, which also helped support solar panels.

The composition of these energy sources can produce the power to reach 268 hp, so this super cab can be run from 000-100 km per hour in just 4.2 seconds.
Therefore, Quaranta Taxis may carry passengers up to the goal, before the passengers actually realized, what was the car they were traveling?

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