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July 28, 2010

The Underground Human Sacrifice

One place underground ancient ceremony used by the Pre-Columbian civilizations for human sacrifice has been excavated on the coast of northern Peru. Some archaeologists in the capital of Peru, Lima said the findings seemed to increase the strength of existing theories about the ceremony known as the "presentation" by the Moche people, growing agricultural civilization between 100 BC to 800 AD

BrĂ¼ning Museum Director in Peru and dig leader, Carlos Wester La Torre said the ceremony appeared to be a place through a ritual murder of prisoners of war.Pictures taken at the site showed more than a dozen skulls on the floor of the room.

"There is enormous room for the ceremony or the path that united with other parts of the building which showed the presence of certain figures and also Eli Moche elaborate ceremonial practices such as human sacrifice," said Wester.

Wester team dug 60 meters long corridor that opens into three porticos and five crowns on the pyramid's main archaeological sites.Remaining paintings were found inside the corridor depicts three high priests of their ornaments culture confirms the involvement of political leaders in the ceremony, he said.

Peru is considered as one place in the world, where agriculture was first developed and has hundreds of archaeological sites, including the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu.Inca kingdom was a kingdom located in an area that is now Peru from 1438 until 1533. Inca civilization known as "pre-Columbian", meaning that already existed since before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

During that period, the Inca controlled much of western South America, centered in the Andes mountains until 1533, when the Spanish invaded the country. Atahualpa, which is the last Inca king, also called Sapa Inca, was killed by a Spanish explorer named Francisco Pizarro, which also marks the beginning of the Spanish reign in the area.Inca consists of four tribes. Royal official language is Quechua language, although there are about 700 local languages are used. Inca tribe perform the worship of the gods, with the nucleus as the sun god, which is a leading deity.   

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