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September 25, 2010

Do you know Aquagenic Urticaria...?

If there is someone says "I'm allergic to seafood, or I'm allergic to dust", may have often heard. But, have you heard someone say "I'm allergic to water"? It sounds very strange ...

Lisa Melland, a butcher from Derbyshire, England, felt pain on contact with water. Her skin was burning and the onset of rash shortly after contact with water.
Conditions experienced by Melland including a rare disease called aquagenic urticaria. Cases of this kind is estimated there are only 40 cases in the world.

The disease began to attack Melland since seven years ago. "I suddenly develop a rash after contact with water. I think that I use contaminated water chemicals, but when I hit the water for the next time, the same symptoms occur again," Melland said as quoted by The Sun.
Since the disease was diagnosed, Melland Tub trapped into the suffering inside. She can not swim. In fact, he should not cry as much as possible because of the tears that drip can cause spots on the face.
She also had to limit the shower because the activity was very painful. Allergic effects usually last a few hours if the water was not immediately removed from her body. And, once exposed to water, she must immediately put on hypoallergenic lotion to her body back to normal.

Whichever, she always carried an umbrella fold, fearing rain water touching her body. Tissue is also always available in a bag to clean face and hands, every time you come into contact with water. "I'm hoping I'll wake up one morning and this allergy can be lost," she said.
This case also happened to Ashleigh Morris, 21-year-old Australian girl. Painful red rashes on the skin immediately arose when she was in contact with water. She could not bathe more than a minute because it will be very painful. Luckily it was only in skin allergy. They do not have problems when drinking water.

Nina Goad of the British Association of dermatologist said the allergy may happen due to high water levels of histamine in the blood. But so far, experts do not know for sure what causes the rare condition, so treatment has not been found.

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