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September 24, 2010

World heroes

Colonel Stanislav Petrov, do you know who he is? He is a super hero in the real world, because thanks to the courage and deliberations .... World War III could be defeated.What's the story? It is a bit of a story about Colonel Stanislav Petrov.

We all still remember the events of the cold war the United States and the Soviet Union, right? At that time, the United States has the Missile Nuclear 4000-10000 ..While the Soviet Union has about 13000-50000 of Nuclear Missiles ...Can we imagine what will happen with this world, that until the nuclear missiles to explode or be used for war.1 piece of missiles alone can make Hiroshima destroyed, especially when up to tens of thousands of them.

Colonel Stanislav Petrov was the Lieutenant Colonel who served inone bunker detection of enemy attacks in the Soviet Union.On September 26, 1983, Computer Defense of the Soviet Union in the bunker, the detection of an American missile towards the Soviet Union,This of course would be fatal if not returned immediately,however, Colonel Petrov said it was just a computer errorand America could not be attacked, and he did not report to his superior, if only Petrov follow the rules, and report to his superiors, possibly nuclear war, which until now was feared, would happen .....

But the courage of a Colonel, dared break the rules,for the sake save the fate of this world, even though he knew his lifeis a successor if he is wrong.After that, it only proved correct computer error, Petrov was considered a hero. Country giving praise, medals, and what a hero deserves.

In 2004, the Petrov awarded $ 1,000 for his services.In 2006, he was also invited as an honored guest to the UN building in New York.   

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