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September 23, 2010

The world's biggest gold storage.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York - located at 33 Liberty steet, Manhattan, New York, United States. In the open on November 16, 1914.

Here there are vault / storage room of gold, the largest in the world. In the vault there are estimated 10% of gold reserves in the world or around 5,000 metric tons of gold deposit, which is worth USD 270 billion or equivalent to Rp. 2430 Trillion!

Besides gold reserves came from the United States itself is also a savings deposit of 36 other countries, which rely on storage at the Fed Bank of New York.No one can enter it carelessly, especiallydocumenting what is in the vault.

 In the picture above, is the exit point of the gold truck from the outside toward the storage barn, and conversely that in the case by several security officers

Welcome to the biggest gold storage vault in the world. This is where the door of the exit point of the gold that is stored in the Bank. At the vault door, there are 3 meters long tunnel made of 90 tons of steel cylinder weighing about 140 tons door, which consisted of a mixture of steel and concrete.

 These are the rooms where the store of gold, there are 122 compartments this location. In the picture appears full compartment filled by gold bullion

Any gold that will be entrusted here, will be accounted for inventory by the officer, printed in accordance with the serial number and owner. After that will be weighed carefully, to avoid mistakes in the management and approval later. Because the gold that was entrusted in the bank is not in small amounts, but it amounted to very much.   

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