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September 23, 2010

Man, without arms and legs crossed the English Channel

This was supposed to be an example. Has shortcomings, it should not make the will of a stuck. At least this is evidenced by a Frenchman who lost his arms and legs amputated due.

He successfully crossed the English Channel by swimming. With high spirit Phillipe Croizon swim from Folkestone, Kent, England to Cap Gris Nez in France, just over 13 hours. Previously, men aged 42 years, the target would cross the English Channel in 24 hours.

Croizon doing this for himself, family and all who have a shortage like me and feel the loss of life. What is done by Croizon is great. Accompanying the team, even believe, if Croizon, had a record-breaking swim conducted by men with disabilities.

Croizon lost limbs through amputation surgery, after 16 years he had an accident, when he move the TV antenna from the roof of his house. He was stung by the flow of electricity, which comes from the power pole located nearby, doctors had to amputate his legs and hands due to this incident.

 With this achievement, Croizon able to prove if a man with no arms and legs can do amazing things. Although time to feel sick, and was about to give up, Croizon finally settle the action. According Croizon father, his son colored luck in this effort. Wind conditions in a friendly environment makes the effort much easier. Also Croizon also briefly joined by three dolphins who swim close to him for a while, of course it is a sign of luck Croizon.If he did not despair, what you currently have a better physical condition than him?

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