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November 8, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs in India

Geologists have discovered a group of fossilized dinosaur eggs estimated 65 million years old. Group of dinosaur eggs were discovered in a village in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, India.

"We found piles of eggs, and dinosaur body parts. Each layer in the pile consists of eight items, "said M. Ramkumar, a geologist from the University Periyar who led the survey team, as quoted by The Hindu,

The eggs with a diameter of 13-30 cm which is in the area of about 1.2 meters long was found in a survey funded by the German-Indian Institute of Science.

Fossil eggs in the nest was buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of the Deccan Plateau, which may have led to population extinction of dinosaurs.

Nesting dinosaur eggs were found along the banks of Cauvery River and down stream. In the watershed was also found the remains of dirt and bones of dinosaurs.

"The discovery in large numbers on the same line indicates that the dinosaurs went back to the site for nesting," said Anbarasu, the survey team members.

Relates to the discovery, the researchers have asked local governments to maintain the site, given the similar findings in North India had looted irresponsible people.

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