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November 8, 2010

Boy inventor Bug in Mozilla

SAN FRANCISCO - Mozilla give gifts to, Alex Miller, a 12-year-old boy from the United States, worth USD3.000 or approximately Rp26 million. Miller is a kid who managed to find a bug in borwser Mozilla, Firefox.

Mercury News, Sunday (10/24/2010) launch, Miller is indeed a bug hunter. He managed to find a security hole that can be burglarized in Firefox. defect mentioned in Firefox it is critical to making it unable to function properly. Miller debugging, after knowing Mozilla increase the reward from $ 500 to USD3.000.

"Several months ago we increased the amount of payment to USD3.000, basically to reflect changes in the economy, and markets, since this bug search program started," said Brandon Sterne, Mozilla Security Program Manager.

Miller said he spent about 90 minutes each day to focus the search for security holes. Finally, within ten days of searching he managed to find a point of weakness related to the performance of Firefox on a computer memory.

According to Sterne, the process of finding bugs is not easy. "Not at all easy. Space for people to find a weakness in one very small point," said Sterne.
"To find a Bug, Mozilla is very dependent on volunteers who alert the security gap," said Sterne.

Great .... so young can already find a complicated thing like this.How about when he (Miller) is an adult?

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