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November 5, 2010

Giant frog from Africa

African frog is the largest frog species in the world. With a rough surface and smooth body, 
the frog usually has an aggressive nature and temperament. Carnivorous amphibians that can jump as far as 12 feet and have canine teeth which are also used for fighting.

Senior Tropical House Keeper at Newquay Zoo, UK, Dan Garrick, who used to feed the frog it every day say, African frog,  is a kind of greedy. "They are predators that the frog just sits waiting for their victim," said Dan.

How to hunt this frog is, by making sudden attacks on the animals could reach. Animals who become the victims were confirmed dead limp with shock prior to digestion. "If the prey is too large, then the frog will wait for his guts out," said Dan.

Although it looks very fierce, frogs, it is also a nature lover. Parent frog, always keeping their eggs and tadpoles from the threat of predators. This frog species is also exploring a special pool, to ensure that their children are not drought.

Frogs Africa or in Latin "Adspersus Pyxicephalus", is a beast-eating insects, rodents, birds and are known to be cannibalistic to beat the other frogs.

An African frog, weighing up to 2 kilogram with a length of up to 24 centimeters. This frog can be found in the entire southern African region, central and east.

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