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May 16, 2010

Swallow Bird

Swiftlet classification is as follows: Superorder. Apomorphae Order. Apodiformes Family. Apodidae Sub Family. Apodenae Tribes. Collacaliini Genera. Collacalia Species. Collacaliafuciphaga.
Insectivorous birds, including small, dark, being small / medium, has a crescent-shaped wings and beak and sharp, has very skinny legs and bird also has never perched in the branches of trees.
This bird used to live a dark place, such as in caves or sometimes on the ceiling of the house a rather damp and dark ...
Places like that they make their nests and breed as well ...
At this time of swallow nest have the commercial side which is very promising because it has a high price. Their nests are classified into two types,,, there is a cave swallow nest and home (because it is tailored to their residence).

Wild birds that normally nest swiftlet caves in the coastal cliffs. In such a place they will feel very calm and safe to breed And sometimes the hunters cave swiftlet nests often to have lost their lives in order to get a bird's nest will they harvest ...
If a home is a nest of captive breeding of the businessmen swallow nest, and it was not at risk for the owner when the harvest time has arrived,,, just a big profit .... hahahaha (laughs).

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