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May 17, 2010


Saki is kind family of monkey...
They have two types of groups: Pithecia and Chiropotes.
Their presence has been very rare in this world,,,, now they can be found along the river of Venezuela
to the east of Brazil ....
Their distinguishing features can be seen from the tail like a bush, has included in the chin beard, hair is very thick and short neck. If the female is brown to ash-gray with white stripes on each side of the nose, whereas if the male is black shiny ...
Their faces are similar to human faces longer grieve, hands and feet too closely mimic human limbs.
Height about 35-45 cm of their bodies and their weight ranged from 1-4 kg.
Their food is not much different from other monkey species, namely fruits, vegetables and small animals as well .....
Maybe when the day met the night with one of them, we would think humans who use the powder too thick (like the opera players ).... hahahahhahaa (laughs).

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