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May 20, 2010

Sea Horse

Sea horse is the animal that breathes with gills the water. Of their body is very varied, about 4 to 30 cm. They live along the shore, among seaweed and other marine plants.

Seahorses usually swim around at the reef to avoid danger. They usually are not many moves with their tails wrapped in the rock or crack rocks .....
They have a unique way of swimming, ie, standing up. How to swim they are affected by a very special system. Sea horse will move up and down in the water by way of changing the content of the air sacs in their pool. The number of air sacs inside pool was determined by careful, because if there is a slip inside the pocket pool,, would be fatal for them.
They will sink to the seabed when the bag is damaged or lost a little pool of air. And that means death for them ,,,,!!

Seahorses also have a unique more ...
Namely how to breed them, because the male who will become pregnant. But that does not mean that males will produce eggs, because females who egg production and after that their eggs will be deposited into the abdomen of male sea horses to be kept well fertilized. This process takes between 10 days to six weeks, until the eggs hatch.
Male seahorse will take about 30 minutes to give birth to their children. And the tiny sea horse is already able to feed themselves when they are born.
The number of sea horses can be born around 15 until 1000 tail, depending on the type of sea horse. And this world is estimated there are about 50 species of sea horses ..... incredible!

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