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May 18, 2010


Dolphins are the most intelligent sea creatures, friendly and helpful.
Perhaps among the dolphins we often see dolphins swimming in the sea ..
But actually dolphins dolphins spent more time in the depths of the deep, dark sea.
Dolphins can be seen in the dark better than humans to see in bright light. How could it be? Since dolphins can determine the direction of vibration / sound waves, called echolocation by experts.
Dolphins breathe using the two holes on his head. And just below this hole, there are small sacs that contain air. With air flowing through these small pockets, dolphins produce a high-pitched voice. Then, this echolocation sounds emitted towards the surroundings are disjointed. Dolphins sound will bounce when hitting any object. After that Dolphins will consider carefully the reflections of this sound. Sound reflections from the surroundings will be informed in detail about the distance of objects from him, the size and movement. With this device, dolphins dolphins can scan a large area, even map the ocean. This is the dolphin sonar system of dolphins that scan the ocean floor like an electronic scanner. Systems such as this is used by submarines to find directions by using sonar.
Dolphins eye is very remarkable, that allows to see clearly below or above the water surface. Dolphins have a springy eye lens that can expand and contract so it can focus below or above the water surface. Thus they can see clearly where there are a lot of prey for their food.
Dolphins eye also has other advantages. Ie each of their eyes can focus on one point simultaneously with the other eye. With these abilities, dolphins can swim with one eye looking ahead, while another next to the eye may be watching the situation when there is a threat of danger.
Dolphins body and skin are also very unique,,, when the dolphins swim with the dolphins will be fast, thin layer of water will form their crust. Thin layer of water is called "barrier layer". Dolphins  skin was created with flexibility that could allow him to move in a wave when the turbulence occurred. This prevents the occurrence of skin drag force that moves water to the opposite direction to the wave motion and turbulence on the barrier layer. Thus, dolphins can swim at high speed without a sound ........ Incredible!

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