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August 23, 2010

Toy guns have to license.

Toy guns should be Licensed in Queensland under the laws of new firearms. EVERY ITEM that looks like a gun should be licensed under the Arms Act on some of the changes being considered by the Queensland Government.
Even the weapons are made of materials that can not be sepertii soap or plastic, may be stored under lock and key if the toy gun could "reasonably be taken to be a weapon." Draft action say, imitation is a copy of "reasonable" from a weapon that is not capable of causing death or injury.

"If it looks like a gun and feels like a gun, it should permit," said government sources. "We just want to know where they are." It is not clear, how the draft affected the toy rifle. Failure to license imitation weapons, will be subject to a maximum fine of $ 4500, based on one proposal and storage, subject to penalties amounting to $ 750.
The proposed changes would also impose restrictions on the ownership of a laser pointer, heavier penalties for selling things like a bow, bullet proof vests and knuckledusters without an appropriate license, and strict rules on the storage of firearms.

Under certain circumstances, religion will be a legitimate reason for carrying a knife and police who took the service-issue firearms in their homes will be exempted.
But gun owners groups have condemned the action as a complex and perverse. Christopher Ray of the Law Abiding firearms Owners, said the legal owner of the list was "governed from existence."

"We just want some weights, some tape and some documents were taken from our backs," said Ray. "Instead, they make more complicated for those who obey the law. If we make a small mistake we could lose (our weapons). License for five years. "

He said police also opposed LAFO given "free rein" to take their weapons home, and left them on their bedside table. Geoff Jones, president of Sporting Shooters Association, said the eradication of imitation weapons risked creating "law-abiding people into criminals."
Mr. Roberts said, the requirement for permanently disabled public monuments, like the weapons on display in the building must be registered or licensed RSL has been removed from the action concept.


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