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August 22, 2010

Artificial Lives

Really powerful findings of this scientist. How not, no kidding, they succeeded in creating artificial life. Do they want to compete with God? Conducted a scientific breakthrough biologists of U.S. citizens. Craig Venter succeeded in creating 'artificial life' for the first time in his laboratory. The scientist is, denying that he was playing God with his work.

Creation of synthetic cell, described as a milestone in science by a British expert, it is a dream come true, from the study that lasted 15 years by a genetic engineering expert, Dr. Ventern.

He blew life into the body of the bacteria, the gene incorporated through the process in the laboratory, in a development concept, with the main objective to make the genetic material of organisms. These include, creating artificial organisms, which are designed for specific tasks, such as a vaccine or clean pollution.

But some experts see a potential danger in these findings. For example, synthetic life could be misused to create biological weapons.Speaking in the BBC2 Newsnight program in Washington, Venter has denied the allegations he has played God. "The allegations appear always appear every time a new breakthrough in medicine, or science related to biology. (Research) has a humanitarian goal to control nature. It's just like how we tame the beast, "he said.

"This is a level higher than our understanding. This is the stage where we can begin to understand how life works, and perhaps also how we can control the microbiological systems for the benefit of humanity, "he added.

 When asked, the new technique can be purchased by owners of large capital, Venter said, the technology not for sale. "We seek to develop this technology to advance the field of vaccine protection. We will use it to develop a basic understanding of cell life, "he explained.

Venter also denied, concerns a number of parties, that the technology will be used as bio-terrorism. "Most people agree that there is a growing potential, that the technology can be used for violence. But there is also convinced that, if this development is the potential to help human life, "he explained.    

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