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August 22, 2010

Bomber aircraft without crew

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran launched its newest bombers. The aircraft named "Karar", was able to bombard the target with high speed and flying without a crew.
The aircraft is capable of carrying a lot of bombs with a high cruising range. AFP quoted Iran's state television offices, Sunday (08/22/2010), explaining the short-sized aircraft. Painted with military green color, with the inscription bombers, on the plane.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, explains, Karar was the work of Iran's defense industry.
Iran continues to build its military strength. The country previously tested land-to-ground missile attack, Qiam. In the near future, Iran has also developed a Fateh 110 missile, which could reach the target with a distance of 150 km to 200 km.

Iran also shows, has had two fast boats that can be used to carry missiles. Two ships were named Seraj and Zolfaqar. Iran's navy has also been strengthened by four pieces of tech stealth submarine.

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