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August 20, 2010

A single mother with her 14 children

Currently, eight twins, will celebrate their first birthday. They may octuplets, but they are certainly not identical. For while seven out of eight babies with black hair and brown eyes, the other blond and blue eyes. Despite concerns about their health when they first born, but finally remained eighth baby looks healthy.

Nadya Suleman is the Mother of the lucky ones, because it has given birth to eight babies in one pregnancy, or commonly called octuplet. Previously Nadya was shocked by the birth to eight babies, because she already has six small children.So now she must take care to 14 children.....wow !

Nadya Suleman is a single mother because her husband had divorced, and Nadya did not have a job. To take care of her 14 children, she submitted a proposal to the station for a relity show her life story. Nadya believe will be paid 152 thousand euros for the first episode and 2 million euros to the contract ...

Can you all imagine how busy taking care of the child this much, and with the situation of children is a relatively small ....... fantastic!

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