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August 20, 2010

Magnet Human...

A British woman has a mysterious power. Her body like a magnet that can draw objects and metallic iron.
Dubbed the 'Magnet Human', Brenda Allison (50) admitted often feel embarrassed by the effect that power. Imagine, coins, clips, magnets, spanners, even the metal cover can be attached to her body for 45 minutes without falling.

When a magnetic force in the peak position, Allison can even dance in the living center with metal objects still attached to her body.
The most disturbing, Allison said, her body can make the sound of car alarms, interfering with television signals, and broke the light bulb.

As a child, the story of Allison, her parents stopped to buy her a watch. Therefore, the strength of the magnetic body disrupt the mechanism of the clock. Hours was confirmed dead.
Every human being has a subtle electromagnetic field in the body, though most of us do not realize it.

Allison, began to realize the tremendous effect of the magnetic force within her, when she learned in kindergarten. She began to make a diary, and realized that the stronger the magnetic force when the final menstrual cycle.
"People laughed when I put metal objects in my body and did not fall," said Allison as the page loaded the Daily Mail, Friday, August 20, 2010.

However, sometimes her strength very difficulty. "I had a horrible experience while shopping at the supermarket. We stand in line approached the teller machine, the machine suddenly broke."
"Then, someone at the cashier yell and accuse me of using voodoo, black magic, to her."
Allison added, the doctor had said, that the unusual magnetic strength may be caused by high levels of stress. He was advised to relax.

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