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August 27, 2010

The Incredible 3D Television

Imagine, when you watching television the three-dimensional (3D), the real sensation is felt not only in terms of visual course. You also could feel the sensation of touch, so what is seen was actually real.
Hallucinating? Of course not. It will probably be done with the latest 3D TV technology that was developed a team of researchers in Japan. Yes, they are working on the first 3D TV system in the world which allows users to touch, pinch or a peck on the displayed image. Wow...Fantastic !!

"This is the first time you can touch the pictures in a 3D impression," said one team member Norio Nakamura researchers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.
"This 3D TV will make you can feel the sensation of touch is like hitting a rubber ball or stretch the elastic objects in 3D images," he added.

He mentioned, these technologies change the shape of a 3D image in response to touch, aided by a camera that monitors how the user's fingers move.
If already completed, this technology will reportedly be used for various purposes such as surgical simulation tools, video game and software tools for the visually impaired.

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