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August 27, 2010

Humans who were aged up to 256 years

A resident in the province of China rather szechwan named Li Ching-yun is the oldest living human ever recorded in history (TIME Magazine).

According to news broadcast by Time magazine, Li Ching-yun died at the age of 256 years. When asked what the secret of longevity, then Li Ching-yun has a few recipes, namely :

- Prioritize Consuming herbs (vegetables)
- Drink Sake to taste
- Allow the heart to remain calm
- Sit back like a turtle
- Walk Like swift pigeon, and
- Sleep like a dog

Li Ching-yun during the lifetime has 23 wives, with the number of children 60 people. Ching-yun died after having children at the 12th generation...incredible !!     

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