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August 24, 2010

Luxury Yacht, Yacht Fly ..

The techno mania, want to move their yacht from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean blue sea immediately? It's not a problem if the mania techno yacht can turn into a plane just by pressing the button once. For this reason, designers Yelken Octuri flying yacht design, which was recently exhibited at the Paris Air and Space Museum.

Octuri, a French Airbus cabin design, combining his knowledge in aircraft design with his desire for the ocean to create this concept yacht. This flying yacht concept is basically a trimaran yacht which also has four engines. This yacht has four pillars that can be driven. Once the screen is inserted, this becomes the fourth pillar of wings.

Octuri design inspired by the Maltese Falcon, to create a niche in each pole to save a screen. This yacht has two main deck, including a lower deck with a galley and salon and upper deck with three cabins.

                                                                         Ship Mode:

                                                                   Length: 46.2 meters
                                                                      Width: 27 feet 
                                                                      Lanyard: 4 pole 
                                                                   Height: 50.7 meters 
                                                                  High beam: 40.6 feet 
                                               Screen Surface: 1302 m² (screen + surface mast) 

                                                                       Aircraft Mode: 

                                                               Wings Range: 90.4 meters 
                                                                    Height: 27.6 meters 
                                                               Engine: Nissen & Brasseur 
                                                               Engine power: 4 x 5400 ch 
                                                                 Max speed: 390 km / h 

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