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August 25, 2010

Fire Tornadoes

Droughts and dry winds are loudly in Sao Paolo, Brazil, has caused a storm of fire tornado is rare in the northwestern city Aracatuba.
A three-month drought struck the region causing fires in Brazil, creating conditions for the occurrence of a tornado storm of fire.

Fire Tornadoes, colloquially also known as demons of fire, occurred when a fire was in a vertical rotating column of air. Some can reach a height of more than half a mile, with wind speeds of more than 100 mph. This event is a rare natural phenomenon that rarely occurs.

In 1923, events Kanto earthquake in Japan, triggering a firestorm that burned to produce a tornado struck the town and a giant fire that killed 38,000 people in 15 minutes in the area Hifukusho-Ato in Tokyo. 

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