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August 18, 2010

Horrible sports ...

Ear Pull Championship is an unusual sporting event and only played in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics. The aim was to test the ability of competitors to survive the pain. In pulling ears, two competitors sit facing each other, their feet sitting and interlinked. A wire rope, two feet long, similar to the thick dental floss, looped behind their ears, connecting the right ear to right ear, or left to the left.

The competitors then pull each other on the opposite ear, using their own ears, until the cord broke up or one player to stop, because of pain. The game has been removed from the North Pole several sports competitions, because it concerns the safety factor and the audience, the event can cause bleeding and sometimes requires stitches.

The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) is an annual event held over four days in July or August, which is designed to preserve cultural practices and traditional survival skills, essential to life on the circumpolar world. The WEIO, features games that are rooted in the ancestral hunting and survival techniques, used by Native Americans, as well as a competition dance and storytelling.


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