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August 30, 2010

The first Multimedia Library at Airport

Starting in the early summer months of July 2010, a transit passenger aircraft or spare time at the International Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will not experience boredom. Section, can kill time waiting to take advantage of special room with a multimedia library to read or hear the supplied collection. The facility is the first time in the world at Schiphol International Airport is a multimedia library that is permanent.

The initiative came from the organization's established library ProBiblio and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Knowledge of Dutch. Chairman Dick van Tol project from ProBiblio, said many things can be found at the library this airport.
"This will be a multimedia library, with various aspects of Dutch culture. So, not only literature that can be found here, there are also movies and music," explained Dick van Tol, as quoted in Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW),

Because the library will be a place to spend time or waiting for the next flight, visitors are not allowed to bring books, DVDs or other collections outside the library. To satisfy the visitors, a special room available for download at the library. With the existing facilities there, could watch a movie or download it directly to the phone. "So you can watch a movie on the plane or at home," said Dick van Tol. 

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