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June 10, 2010

Adora Lily Svitak

Adora Lily Svitak, a little girl who was born on October 15, 1997 was born as a "child prodigy". At the age of seven years she has started teaching as a teacher. Her first book, published internationally is Flying Fingers, contains short stories by adora which also contains tips and guidelines for those who want to become a writer. Dancing Fingers is the second book (a collection of poems written with his sister) published in 2008.
According to the daily The Telegraph, at the age of three years Adora could read. Adora hands in typing speed is incredible, he typed group should 80-112 words per minute. She reads 2-3 books a day. She considers herself as an "educator and author." But most people call it, small children with adult brain. Do not ask these kids busy, very busy schedule, filled with presentations and teaching schedule. Sometimes she has to rest after 11 hours of the night. Adora has traveled to various parts of the world with travel costs borne by the company in. She has visited in more than 300 schools in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, England and others. Even in England he got the nickname of "Dora the Explorer" (and there is a possibility this child will inspire the creation of the cartoon Dora), because of the way of sharing the experience of reading and writing in children a lot like Dora. Adora family even made changes to their basement into a TV studio. From there, Adora provides a video conference every day to children, adults and teachers. She's getting paid U.S. $ 300 per lesson that lasted 50 minutes. "Reading and writing is my life," said Adora.
Adora became the target of the corporate world. She can reach up to U.S. $ 10,000 for a one-time talk show on the educators and the business community about the impact of technology on the creative process. Not long ago, Adora is also paid by Microsoft to conduct a demonstration of the computerization of education. Adora was still a child, yet his way of thinking is certainly not the mindset of children. This was proven when she was asked if there was she worried about?
World economy, I think, he replied. Also global warming, cholera in Zimbabwe, the decline in the quality of U.S. education, and world hunger, she's added.
Seeing the way he taught, many people forget that she's still a very young age. When teaching, Adora is often praised her students, regardless of their age. "When I was a child, I need encouragement," said Adora explain the reason to give a compliment. Adora watch three news channels every night (ABC, NBC, and CBS) as well as special programs on weekends.

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